[D8316AQN], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Edison Electric Light Co, Sherburne Blake Eaton, August 29th, 1883


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[D8316AQN], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Edison Electric Light Co, Sherburne Blake Eaton, August 29th, 1883

Editor's Notes

returns Crouse's letter replying to criticism of estimates, takes up Crouse's estimate point by point: "Items left out of second estimate were excluded in order to save money in connection with the first outlay, and not because thy are unnecessary for the proper working of the plant…tubes can be laid down at any time…I think it is very unfair for Mr. Crouse to pass reflections on the estimate being reduced, inasmuch as it was done solely to suit the convenience of his company, whose capitalization was insufficient to meet the demands made upon it, if the plant as per the original estimte were installed."…Crouse made cheaper estimate for boilers, is unfair, probably not accounting for four furnaces for 292 horse power boiler##specifics about stack supplies and building, Crouse's estimate needs to take into account "the quality and thickness or the iron, the length of the different sections, whether the estimate includes guying the stack, and the providing of guy wires, and also the hoisting of the stack, and whether it includes the painting of the stack and the building of the brick work above referred to"## Crouse overestimates price for injectors and pumps##"Return boilers will not suit for our business, as we require quick steaming boilers, and have to carry a very high pressure…the Wilcox boiler can be more quickly cleaned than boilers of other types"##Shamokin estimate cannot be compared, as it was TAE's first one and inadequate##14 1/2 x 13 engines cost $1750, but one for Utica "has considerably more material in it…would cost him $2250" quoted by Armington and Sims##heater and injector, foundations##cost of freight: "thinking that perhaps the Utica Co would probably be able to get better rates than myself, I expressed my willingness to have them meet the charges on this item", weight at least 200,000, Crouse could not cover with $170, "when I state that the method of transit must be at my option, I make this statement in good faith…would do everything possible to send freight bythe cheapest method of transit, but inasmuch as time is the chief element in our work, and delay in receipt of goods might entail upon me very heavy loss, owing to my men remaining idel, I was compelled under the circumstances to make such stipulation"## lamps: "The reason that the 10 candle lamps cost more than the 16 is that the former are a more delicate manufacture than the latter, and b/c we have been making them a comparatively short time as compared with the 16"## meters ## "it is absolutely impossible for me to make any reduction. The estimate is the result of considerable work, and the items specified were none of them put in without a great deal of thought on the matter and careful calculation." esimate is cost of plant "with 12 per cent ONLY added" ## "In conclusion, I may add that I am not at all anxious to have the Utica contract, as the gentlemen forming the Co there seem so dissastisfied with my figures, and do not , I imagine, consider that there is any advantage in the work being done under my personal supervision and the station started under my auspices, and according to the experience I have gained in this business."




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