[D8364ZCF], Letter from George Harrison Bliss to Thomas Alva Edison, December 28th, 1883


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[D8364ZCF], Letter from George Harrison Bliss to Thomas Alva Edison, December 28th, 1883

Editor's Notes

[Selection?] In re letter from Insull stating that all the problems are from our territory: a)that's not true, b) you asked for details of any troubles, c) we hear of troubles elsewhere, d) our territory is the biggest, with the most stations, and the plants are not under out control. "The average engineer, especially if he has other duties to perform, oftentimes neglets a dynamo at a moment when with a little care, trouble would be avoided, but once started disastrous results follows. As a rule electric light plants increase the duteis of engineers without additional compensation and they will beat the electric light plant if permitted to do so." d) many troubles when running in excess of capcity in contravention of contracts, so purchasers are responsible. "We have now adopted the rule of never installing more lamps than the rate capacity of the dynamo." e) dynamos are overrated if the load is continuous for long periods (I.e. 10 hours). F) commutator bars still a problem, and you're not using mica as you said you would (See prior correspondance). TAE marginalia "as Saldan if that is so." and "We use mica under bars--if the parts would present sparkign others not but ___ the bars would not ____. G) our inspector thinks the commutator is too small for the current, though Bliss is not prepared to express this opinion. TAE marginalia: "We test the mach with 125 lights 5 hours and have run 120 lights 11 hours." H) The dyanmo has had a lot of attention and after 2 years "I believe we know how to take care of them." I)complain about armatures returned for repair (see D8364ZBP) that weren't fixed. "I shall be heatily glad when our machinery is concentrated in cetral stations under competent management. Isolated business will always be a great annoyance." In closing, repair of armatures takes too long.




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