[D8503S], Letter from Samuel Insull to Thomas Alva Edison, February 26th, 1885



Snapshot; long letter updating TAE (who is on "vacation") on various parts of the business and asking for guidance. Updates TAE on stock printer and meeting with David Seligman (nothing's been done since TAE left); through Russell, trying to get bid for putting police and fire wires underground (NYC) and will see Bentley about underground in Philadelphia. next week. On AUTOMATIC Railroad telegraphs:"I understand that Bonanza Mackey leaves Paris for New York about the last day of this month. Can we not bring to his notice the Automatic, and with this … any suggestions to make as to Kenny conducting some experiments . . . I understand that Mackey will favorably entertain some deal about the stock printer should the Seligmans retire" RAILROAD TELEGRAPHS encloses Bradstreet report on Phelps Induction Telegraph Co., which is promoted by Cheever's company's; also a request from Cheever that TAE alter the name of "The Railroad Telegraph & Telephone Co.," as it is too close to the name of Cheever's company, which was incorporated in 1884); discuss proposed terms for working with Bell Co. ORE MILLING: discusses connelly experiments and patent, negotiations with William Bell &Co, as well a the Cuttings, and potential business for Edison Machine Works. This business is presently US and Canadian, but could possibly expand to New Zealand and Sweden. LIGHT BUSINESS ("the Isolated business is just as dull as when you left"). Discusses Chelsea Flats ( and United States Co.plant). Batchelor will write directly about negotiations with Coster on TAE's various claims. Also notes about family -- Visited 18th street yesterday, "I understand that Tommy is very much better, and that he will be home in about a week"xx updated tc 2/9/2012








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[D8503S], Letter from Samuel Insull to Thomas Alva Edison, February 26th, 1885

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University