[D8535S], Letter from Dr Meyer to Edison Electric Light Co, March 27th, 1885



[written near Lucern] We learn from a letter of Ludin of Mar 10, 1885, that you are not disinclined to execute the electrical enterprise Vevey-Montreux-Chillon[?]. This enterprise is situated in one of the most celebrated tourist regions of Switzerland, largely visited by rich Americans and Englishmen. The visiting season never ceases and there are villas and first class hotels nearly abreast. ##[Describes scope of the enterprise]: a) want to have an electric railroad run through the region; b) want all the hotels, etc., to be illuminated (about 2000 lights); c) want to furnish electricity for private houses for domestic use (for illumination or motive power). ##Have at their disposal an immense waterpower, equal to 570 HP. This will be used during the day to move the railroad and at night for illumination. ##The costs amount to about 1,200,000 francs ($240,000). ##Made a binding contract with the Committee to take in shares worth 500,000 francs ($100,000), so there remains $140,000 which should be placed by the executing Society. "There is no doubt that the enterprise is very profitable, and particularly preferred shares would be sure to secure the best capital applications." ##I send by Bookpost the following for your perusal: 1) technical and financial report; 2) estimate for the RR; 3) Situation and Longitudinal section, and 4) Union-Concession, whereby it is noted that the line 2 from Vernex to Territet can be treated for itself. ##"We are of the opinion that this enterprise will ultimately turn out as remunerative, or even moreso, than any other previously attempted." ##P.S. "It is sure that if the enterprise is carried out, your wishes in all technical matters will be complied with."









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[D8535S], Letter from Dr Meyer to Edison Electric Light Co, March 27th, 1885

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University