[D8535ZBC], Letter from Francis Robbins Upton to Thomas Alva Edison, July 7th, 1885



[Very long letter--8 pp.] I cabled you today regarding the Vienna matter as follows [quotes cable concerning copper wire delivered to Hamburg and asks for price and Bergmann's theatrical list]. ##[Discusses proposed installation at the Opera House and asks for prices, including commissions (which he might keep).] ##[Installation in Vienna put in by Gas Association, discusses their plans for the Opera House and Theater. "Your pay will be perfect when you work for the Gas Co., but I am not as sure as to Biedermann. He lies so artistically, bringing in letters and documents, that many [----] anything."] ##[Gives update on progress in negotiations with French Co., discusses possibility of selling lamps in conjunction with them in Holland, Switzerland, Norway, and Sweden. Discusses possible compromise with them in those places, but says the French Co. doesn't yet seem to see the point of "putting us on an equality with them" in other countries. "As soon as they do this, we can have an agent on this side and do active work selling while they can only work for either[?] lamp. We can make private arrangements to help our lamps and they can do nothing for the French lamp."] ##[Discusses "some very strong influences at work to push them [French Cos.] towards a complete consolidation." Speculates that they have large financial support for central station plans if they can be united. Patents are weak and Siemens is pushing them.] ##[Sees a union with the French Co. as greatly to be desired, because they "are evidently going to control the business in the future whether the patents hold or not by financial measures."] ##[Discusses meeting with Rau, where Rau consents to the outline of a contract, to be drawn up on consent of board of directors. Then summarizes the contract: Compagnie Continentale will let customers outside of France choose American or French lamps; Lamp Manufactory will sell only to Compagnie Continentale or on their order; Compagnie Continentale will take from the Lamp Manufactory all lamps used in countries outside of Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Denmark, Russia, and Spain.] ##[Notes that first clause of contract "entirey in our favor." Second clause modified materially by right of German Co. and Italian Co. to purchase at cost from Lamp Co. Discusses pricing. "The third clause gives us the absolute right for all sales in outside countries, which is a great thing."] ##[Says point of negotiation is to get an established position on the Continent. Will try to get similar privileges in Germany. Discusses cost of making lamps in France and England (English Co. claims only costs 18 cents to make the Swan Lamps).] ##[Finally, discusses telegraphing TAE again concerning underground tubing for Vienna, asking if the patents hold. "If there are good patents in Austria, I must get a chance from the Co. here to let me sell them , then I am afraid my commission will be a minus quanitity."] ##[Expects to return to Paris about Aug. 1 and stay three or four days. Then, go to London and sail Aug. 12 for NY.]









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[D8535ZBC], Letter from Francis Robbins Upton to Thomas Alva Edison, July 7th, 1885

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