[D8541ZAK], Letter from Samuel Insull, Sr. to Samuel Insull, November 7th, 1885


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[D8541ZAK], Letter from Samuel Insull, Sr. to Samuel Insull, November 7th, 1885

Editor's Notes

[It appears that this is not a response to Doc D8541ZAJ, as a future letter (Doc D8541ZAN) says that Insull Sr. did not receive that D8541ZAJ until Nov. 16] I wrote you last week to secure my appointment for England. I will work it up, through a network of agency which I can readily command. There is a system established at the Bruston[?] Bon Marche and I am going to see it. ##As for the capital, I can raise it if 10% is to be made. I am still with the Small Farms Co. as Secretary, but my employment for 6 months expires in January. I have made myself a necessity and there is no doubt about the renewal. Still, I want another channel to add a little more as the business on the two houses, owing to various causes, don't pay as it should and the [Maker's?] health is very unsatisfactory at times, so much so that she will have to be relieved from all household duties if she does not improve. The fact is, she doesn't get over "her boys being away from her" and I have just written to Joseph to that effect and I would if I could promise her another trip to see you and him. However, that is a luxury to indulge in the thoughts of accomplishing some day or another.










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