[D8603ZAX], Letter from Samuel Insull to Thomas Alva Edison, April 28th, 1886


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[D8603ZAX], Letter from Samuel Insull to Thomas Alva Edison, April 28th, 1886

Editor's Notes

[sent from NYC; no address line. long letter--this is summarized/paraphrased] You received from Dr. Crowell a letter requesting you to go to Chicago re the Railway Telegraph Co.'s affairs. Crowell feels strongly about this and was disappointed in your telegram to me that you could get through all the troubles as well in the lab as by going to Chicago. Crowell disagrees. He feels a trip to Chicago, so you can personally study the apparatus, will do more good than the minutest investigations by your assistants or the most thorough study in the lab. I think even if you disagree, you should humor Crowell by complying with his wishes, as he justly observes that he has a large amount of money invested in the Co. ##Business at the Shops has been comparatively good the past month or so. [Gives the amount shipped by the Machine Works through March.] The orders coming in are small, though, and we have quite a stock of machines on hand. "We shall doubtless feel quite a tightness at Goerck St. during May and June, but after that, unless the actual business belies entirely the prediction of everybody, we shall have more work than we can possibly do." ##Bergmann's business is very brisk [gives specific update of Bergmann's orders.] ##[Gives number of lamps shipped by Lamp Co. by month.] ##With relation to the business here at 65 Fifth Ave., the enclosed statement showing the business done by the Isolated Dept. from Feb. 1 till last Sat. explains itself. The plants aggregate 3,785 lamps and total $79,882.42 on contracts. Business is somewhat paralyzed by anticipation of the new arrangement by which the isolated business will be taken over by the shops. Batchelor wired you the details, so there is no need for me to recapitulate. Mr. Coster is preparing a contract. There is not doubt but what the arrangement proposed id a good one for everybody--that is, alike for the Light Co.'s business and the shops. The difficulty Batchelor and I foresee is that whereas we are now able to get payment for our machines immediately our dynamos are shipped (from the Isolated Co.), when this new deal takes place, we shall be compelled to carry our accounts for at least 4 months before we get any cash. This introduces the question of how the Machine Words can stand such a heavy draft on its finances extending over such a lengthened period. [Discusses how they might deal with this.] ##[Update on Central Station business, particularly company Markle has formed in Detroit. A Co. also formed in Reading and Humbird closing a contract in Wilkesbarre. Also updates on Amsterdam, Rochester, Atlantic City, Topeka, Laramie, Philadelphia (raised by Hix).] With relation to NY, nothing can well be said, except that things are in practically the same shape as they were a month ago, except Commissioner Loew (of the Underground Commission) is dead and no replacement has been appointed. ##We just got into our new offices. With relation to 'Foreign Grasshopper,' it is impossible to do anything until things look more hopeful in connection with the home company here. ##Tate has written you about the Phonoplex. I think I can show you a way by which we can insure its immediate introduction into several of the European Continental Countries. ##Hoping you have had a pleasant vacation and that you and your wife are in good health. ##P.S. Please wire me as to when you will be in NY. I am expecting important papers from England concerning the Indian & Colonial affairs. "That reorganization so long talked of will take place after all, and some money will be got out of the Company for you." Gouraud is back here again.




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