[D8614G], Letter from Edmund Janes Cleveland to Thomas Alva Edison, May 24th, 1886



[Very long letterhead with the Cleveland family crest and information about the Cleveland family] I am now about to publish the Cleveland Genealogy, am now waiting only for the preparation of the plates, of which there are now some 30 underway, some finished. ##I desire very much to insert a portrait of you and one of Mrs. Mary (Stilwell) Edison, whose great-grandmother Mary (Cleveland) [----] was sister to my grandfather. ##Have you any engraved plate of yourself? If so, please have 625 imprints (one for each book) struck off therefrom, on paper 6" x 9 1/2" (the size of my page) and have them forwarded to my address. ##I would like very much to have steel engravings of Mrs. Mary Stilwell Edison [same number and size], but if you prefer to furnish any other style of portraits, each will acceptable. [Lists address of Edward Biertadt[?], as someone who makes artotypes[?].] ##Would you kindly fill up the enclosed sheet and return, for your full family record should be given. ##I wish to get in all the plates within the next 3 months, and by giving this your early attention, you will greatly oblige. ##The portrait should be titled with facsimile autograph: Mary Edison, Mary S. Edison, or Mary Stilwell Edison. [Attached as last page is sheet requesting information about family, including date of second marriage (filled in as NYC, Feb. 24, 1886), full name of wife (Mina Miller), her father's full name (Lewis Miller), mother's full maiden name (blank) and present address (blank).]








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[D8614G], Letter from Edmund Janes Cleveland to Thomas Alva Edison, May 24th, 1886

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University