[D8627ZAR], Test Report, Edison Machine Works, Henry E Walter, December 30th, 1886


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Two Test reports. The first is a report on test of Marine Dynamo on Yacht Atalanta. ##Dynamo was run on 105 lamps and showed a variation of 3 volts between that load and no load. The belt slip was practically nothing as the variation of speed between above loads was from 1250 to 1275 revs. But if belt were loosened only a very little, it would slip a great deal, perhaps 20%. In order to prevent it from slipping at all, it had to be kept so tight that the box on the dynamo got very hot and according to Mr. Taylor who made the test, there was danger of the babbitt[?] metal melting. The remedy for the above defect is to increase the diameter of the dynamo pulley to 13". For this, the speed of the engine would have to be increased, or else a larger driving pulley put on the latter. There is room, I think, for a pulley 1 ft. larger in diameter which would nearly make up the difference. The present pulley on the engine is about 40", it should be either made 52" or else the engine speeded up from about 330 to about 425. ##The dynamo is at present slightly over compounded[?], but a shunt[?] is being made for it which will make it right. The extra resistance is about 7.5 ohms. A box is being made for 12 [----]. Dynamo runs very well. ##The second test report is on the final page and is numbered 111, test on a 500 Ampere, 160 Volt Dynamo. Run 3 hours at 660 speed. Describes load, Armature resist, Magnet resist, Temp of armature, temp of room. After initial report, reads: "There was a high [---] when this test was made (Dec. 24) and this caused some sparking. The [-----] was run again today and there was very little sparking."







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[D8627ZAR], Test Report, Edison Machine Works, Henry E Walter, December 30th, 1886

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University