[D8627ZAX], Agreement, Edison Machine Works, Callender Insulating and Waterproofing Co, 1886


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[D8627ZAX], Agreement, Edison Machine Works, Callender Insulating and Waterproofing Co, 1886

Editor's Notes

Description of agreement between Machine Works and Callender Insulating & Waterproofing Co. Sets out specifics, summarized below. ##Machine Works to offer Callender cables to its customers for use as feeders at same time they may be offering their system of electric tubes for feeders and mains. The Machine Works' prices to be their regular quotations according to the price list attached to agreement, subject to change. ##Document gives specifics for rest of agreement, including requirement for Machine Works to guarantee Callender cables, no-compete clause, right of Callender Co. to send a representative to potential contract sites. Callender Co. to bill cables to Machine Works at prices 10% lower than those given to other parties. Callender Co. guarantees cables to Machine Works. Machine Works has right to place 20% of the amount of the contracts in hands of a third party for period of 5 years as additional security for guarantees. When laying Callender cables, Machine Works agrees to accept Callender Co. men to supervise. Sets out payment schedule. Machine Works has right to make insulating compound if it desires. Callender Co. to supply bituminous bridges and all other necessary material at 10% discount. Machine Works to undertake to turn all its underground cable manufacture to the Callender Co. and to purchase all its underground cable from the Callender Co. and to agree not to go into the manufacture of cables, with special provisions if Machine Works wants cables on on the regular list. If Machine Works offered a better or cheaper underground system, can require Callender Co. to meet prices and quality. Cables must be provided in reasonable time and Machine Works must charge reasonable price for laying cables. "Should the Edison Machine Works be tendering for such work where a company hostile to the Edison interests is also endeavoring to get the same work, the Callender Co. must refuse to tender for such work, should said parties hostile to the Edison interests request prices from them."




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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