[D8629E], Essay, William D MacQuesten, 1886


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[D8629E], Essay, William D MacQuesten, 1886

Editor's Notes

Letter addressed to "the unfortunate Stockholders" of "The Edisto United Manufacturing Co." [Appears to be a satire, particularly making fun of "Chinrock," the VP of "Edisto" (likely meant to be Chinnock).] ##[Essay starts by stating it is submitting its second annual report and goes on to state that the company's goal is not to make money, but to "disseminate light to suffering humanity at the least possible cost to them" and to provide "fat situations for the numerous relatives of our genial and beloved Vice President." Discusses the company's "executive head Mr. G.G. Chinrock" for several paragraphs in satirically glowing terms.] ##"Observing that the Edisto Co. was gradually getting the advantage of its competitors, and consequently the agents were getting a little rusty, he appointed one or two more of his relatives as special agents to underbid the regularly constituted ones, thus keeping them up to their work, making things lively, and giving customers a good thing. This policy has been eminently successful, as much as 500 dollars having been sacrificed on a single plant." ##[Discusses some "captious and hypocritical members of the directory" led by "Mr. John Stone, (Johnson)," and "Mr. Ben. Tone, (Benton)," as opposing such measures. Continues to make fun of "Chinrock" for putting relatives in charge of key positions.] ##"The question of our financial standing we are compelled to omit, owing to the fact that unfortunately the books are in such a tangle that we are considernig whether it will not be better to throw them away altogether and start a new set. This has arisen from the fact that we are unable to obtain bookkeepers who are competent to transmit to paper the mighty schemes which seethe and foam in the brain of our unparalleled VP." ##[Continues to poke fun at financial situation.] ##[Concludes]: "Let the waves of envy roll mountain high, the hurricanes of slander tear themselves asunder, the earthquakes of dissention shake the work to its innermost atoms, with the great Chinrock at the helm all will be well!!!!" [Signed by "The Board."








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