[D8630ZAM], Letter from W J Clark to Samuel Insull, May 8th, 1886


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[D8630ZAM], Letter from W J Clark to Samuel Insull, May 8th, 1886

Editor's Notes

[Long (4 page) letter that gives background of disagreement with Waters and involvement of Kendall in Santiago station.] Stewart is in the far south, near the frontier, adding 500 more lights to a plant of 200. Before he left, I told him I would drop you a line that would reach at about the time his letter to Pres Crowell would. I hope that letter will settle the Waters and Santiago scandal. Stewart has certainly been long suffering from "fire in the rear." It is time it ended and that "peace and prosperity reign in the dominion of Edison light in Chile." [Describes heated competition with Kendall & Co, and how Kendall has personal hatred of TAE, and became "h--l bent against Stewart and me" because we were Edison men. Claims Waters is of the Kendall faction and his actions were against the Edison light interests as well as against Stewart.] ##[Remainder of letter under heading "Mistaken letter of Pres Crowell." Says "The person or persons who inspried that letter (we have seen several of these similar peculiar effusions here before) makes a mistake." Says Grace & Co stands competent and confidential advisors of Stewart. They know more about the Santiago station than Waters's friend Hastings can gain. "We are here on the ground. Stewart and I made that station by hand night and day" and always tried to help it and save it for the "credit of ourselves, our friend TAE, and the business." Says Waters has nearly ruined it. Describes what they've done for the station.] ##"The main of this letter is to say that Waters, it is said, sails for home this Steamer, to make some grand "negocia" for the Santiago station--or himself. He may seek you and you should know the sentiments of the "hair-pin." During the early days of Stewart's contract with Kendall in the Santiago Station, when we were trying to harmonize with Waters to aid and push the business, and make something of him--to be good friends all around--Stewart and I were gathering postage stamps to send to you. We discovered that Waters had an abundant collection and to spare, we solicited him kindly to give us some to send to "Insull." ##He declined stoutly, and in words that might be translated to say, that he would see Insull first in that climate of the unworthy departed, where the heat is never quenched."






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