[D8630ZCG], Letter from Compagnie Continentale Edison to Edison Electric Light Co of Europe Ltd, October 5th, 1886


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[D8630ZCG], Letter from Compagnie Continentale Edison to Edison Electric Light Co of Europe Ltd, October 5th, 1886

Editor's Notes

Villard says he's returned to you the power designating him your representative in Europe. Now, pursuant to the Nov. 15, 1881 contract,you should name "a representative in Paris to whom we could submit any proposals we should receive concerning central stations." As explained in ours of 26 July, the "central station business now has changed entirely" because of "tremendous competition" in Europe and the advent of "alternating currents with transformer [that allow] current to be carried to a long distance with comparatively little expense." First step in meeting this competition is to name a representative "authorized to ratify in your name & in the name of Mr. Edison, any proposal we should receive converncing central stations." Also urges that the ongoing negotiations to fuse the three Edison companies of Paris "be brought to a final resolution." Also expresses concerns regarding Edison German Co. understanding of patent agreements, namely, their belief that they have "1) the right to work the Edison patents for Edison Lights all over the world & in consequence also in the U.S.; 2) that they have the exclusive licence for the German Empire." Have begun legal procedings against German Co. States strong confidence that they [Compagnie Continentale Edison] will therefore make "all over Europe a profitable business for our shareholders." Your only course is to ratify the agreement that Upton approved in Berlin. If you don't by 15 November, the entire board will resign and also propose liquidation. "Do not believe one second that such a liquidation could ever be in any way in your interest, for you may be perfectly convinced, that if the Edison patents of the Edison Companies fall into the hands of strangers, you and Mr. Edison will never see one single cent out of this business. ## In such a case you will learn to appreciate the stenuous efforts we have made and our straight forward and legal contract toward you & and you will much regret not to have acted otherwise towards us, but it will be too late.## We entreat of you yet once to weigh very carefully the contents of this letter and to let us know your final decision at once in one way or the other."




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