[D8719AAA3], Letter from Samuel Insull to Alfred Ord Tate, January 12th, 1887


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[D8719AAA3], Letter from Samuel Insull to Alfred Ord Tate, January 12th, 1887

Editor's Notes

"Will you please send the following cable to Mr. George E. Gouraud, addressed to 'Noside, London, Edison sick unable to get at him just now, Insull'. Write a letter in the name of Mr. Edison to Messrs. Winslow, Lanier & Co., Nassau Street, asking them if they will cable to their Mr. E. D. Adams, who is now on the other side, requesting that he (Mr. Adams) will so far oblige Mr. Edison as to inquire of his friends in London, who are interested in telephone matters as to whether they know of any movement taking place in the shares of the Edison-Gower-Bell Telephone Co. of Europe. Explain to Winslow, Lenier & Co. that Mr. edison has had an offer for a block of this stock and that he cannot imagine than any one else can want to purchase it except for Mr. Adams' friends who bought the Oriental Telephone stock, but that the offer comes from outside parties, and that if they want to purchase the stock we would prefer to deal with them direct. You must write a very polite note to Winslow, lenier & Co., as what we are asking them to do is a favor. You might add that any expense they are put to in cabling will be paid for by us. Probably the best way would be to write the letter in my nae as Private Secretary, as they are probably aware that Mr. Edison is sick, and, moreover, all previous communications with them on this subject has been makde by me as Mr. Edison's representative. You will find in the files a letter written, I believe, some time in October or November to the Edison & Swan United Electric Light Co., in which Mr. Edison offers to turn over his future patents to them on certain conditions. We want to cancel this offer. The time that has elapsed since we made it justifies us in doing so. Therefore, please send the following cable to 'ediswan, London, Offer contained my letter Nov 9th 1886 as to adjustment patent accounts and future patents is hereby cancelled, Edison'. You must be careful to get the right date in the cable. That is, you want the date of the month and the month. The letter was signed by Mr. Edison. I am not sure whether I wrote it or whether it was written by Gilmore. As this is a very important matter, please wire me immediately you have attended to it. I will have you write a letter on the subject next Sunday."





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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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