[D8719AAG1], Letter from Samuel Insull to Alfred Ord Tate, February 11th, 1887


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[D8719AAG1], Letter from Samuel Insull to Alfred Ord Tate, February 11th, 1887

Editor's Notes

"I asked you a week ot two back to write a letter to Japan thanking them for the vases that they sent over, and instructed you to get Mr. edison's signature to the letter. You showed me a letter from Messrs. Frazer & Co. stating that they were not sure to whom the letter should be addressed. I then told you to address the letter to the Imperial University, Tokio, Japan. Did you get Mr. Edison's signature to this letter before he went South?. If not, why not?. If you did, have you sent the letter forward?. ## Did you get Mr. Edison's signature to the Lamp Co. stock book? ## What has become of the photographs of Mr. Edison's father, two of which ( a large one and a small one) I told you to send to Mr. Johnson, two to Mr. Batchelor and two to me. In sending mine, please add a large and a small one for me to give to Mr. Edison's uncle; also send a large and a small one to W. Pitt Edison, care Thomas A. Edison, Glenmont, Llewellyn park, Orange, N.J., with my compliments. ## Has Johnny Randolph sent in an account to the Light Co. for the small amounts that they owe Mr. edison?. ## Tomlinson has written me for a check for our share of the rent at 40 Wall Street. I have written back to him that we have some counter-claim against him for Gilmore's services up to the time that Gilmore left New York. Will you please have Johnny get out a statement of this account."





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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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