[D8719AAG3], Letter from Waterhouse Winterbotham and Harrison to Samuel Insull, February 10th, 1887


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[D8719AAG3], Letter from Waterhouse Winterbotham and Harrison to Samuel Insull, February 10th, 1887

Editor's Notes

"We are much puzzled in our efforts to trace out the original assignments by Mr. Edison & others to the Edison Telephone Co. of Europe Limt'. of his various Telephone Patents on the Continent of Rurope & the assignment by the Company to the Edison Gower Bell Telephone Co. ## We have before us copy of a letter which you wrote to Mr. Coster on the 17th Dec. last, enclosing copy letter from Mr. Edison, as President of the Edison Telephone Compy of Europe L.d, to Col. Gouraud & Mr. Puekas dated the 2nd April 1881. The last mentioned letter was one with which was enclosed to Col. Gouraud & Mr. Puekas certain certified copies & other documents, & the letter states 'By the mail following this will be transmitted to J. S. Morgan & Co of 22 Old Broad St. London EL the originals of the above named papers, & also a general assignement by the Edison Telephone Co. of Europe L.d of all the aforesaid Assignments & Contracts to the European Telephone Co. with instructions to deliver same where the said Company shall be duly constituted against the payment of the consideration stipulated in the Contract with the said Company.' ## Messrs. J. S. Morgan & Co. say that after a careful search they can find no letter addressed to them here sending these documents, nor can they find any trace of the documents themselves. ## Col Gouraud is able to give us no information about these nor can we ascertain from the Solicitor's who acted in this [rest of line obscured by wrinkled page and partially cut off in image scan]. ## may we therefore trouble you to follow up your inquiries by ascertaining whether the documents in questions were dispatched by the mail following that of the 2nd Ap.l 1881? ## The documents were numerous & important, & you would naturally have a record of their dispatch. ## That they were in the possession of the Edison Co. of Europe just about this tiem is clear, not only from this letter, but from the fact that certified copies were made from the originals in new york & forwarded with the letter of the 2nd April. ## The question has become an important one not only in consequence of proceedings which are being taken in Belgium in the Patents but also in Germany, & the Co is naturally anxious to have its documents of Title."





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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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