[D8732ABU], Letter from Edward Hibberd Johnson to Thomas Alva Edison, December 9th, 1887


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[D8732ABU], Letter from Edward Hibberd Johnson to Thomas Alva Edison, December 9th, 1887

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"Been to Boston [------] Boston complained of my exceeding their capital by 100,000 -- Phila complained of being [---]dled into purchase of a system that we didn't own -- Westinghouse had so convinced them -- they wanted to stop & wait Patent [-----] -- ## Boston confrimed my action & voluntarily voted to 'go me one better' by increasing capital $175,000 -- making total $675,000 Enlarging the 2nd station materially ## Phila heard my exhaustive resume of the whole subject -- passed resolution to call in this Capital Ordered immediate Construction of Station to Cost $505,000 and ordered payment of machine works balance of $100,000 ## Thanked me heastily & adjourned ## Am making a deal with Prof Marks to go to St. Louis organize a Co [---] that town of 5,000,000 Capital. He built the Laclede Gas Works -- is well known in St. Louis & says he can [-------] put through a big scheme but not a little one -- ## I am going to Chicago to stiffen them up a bit -- they have been completely demoralized by Westinghouse though they are pushing their work vigorously ## The two N.Y. stations are being rapidly pushed to completion -- ## the third will be built early in the spring -- ## Boston is [---]ing 3000 per mo net ## Nyork nearly 9,000 ## Detroit 3000 -- and other [-------] showing improvement ## Against this you have W. selling lots of single unit plants ## You have the stations of his of larger capacity in constant trouble from every conceivable cause -- you have suits against him for damage for life & property -- You have abundant evidence of poor economy in the system the load diagram in [------] is this -- a constant loss inspecting [small drawing here ] of lamp load -- &c &c. Of this 180000 lamps sold -- [-------] reports but 45,000 in operation Doubtless a large per cent of these Plants are as yet not fully loaded -- hence their weakness is yet to appear -- ## Have we then done so bad as to justify you in joining in the hue & cry against our methods? -- I think not. [----] of we had plenty of money ## I could do a great deal more Or if we had a tried & proven high tension high economy direct current system to offer at a price approximately as low as Westinghouse we could continue the agents on commission ## But until we get on of these things we may as well accept the fact that we will do no smalll town business, or Even make such headway in cities of minor size ## Money we can get by buying it ## A Development of our system can only come from you -- that I am sure you are doing all you can to give us -- & that had your laboratory been ready some months ago we would now be in possession of all we could desire -- Is it fair to hold us accountable for the absence of this development Is it fair to charge us with being unwilling to help you in this work? Have you asked us? Arent you rather fac[--]ding your complaint on one thing whilst it really rests upon another? Pleast try to divorce in your mind the objections of this Co to all of you’re A[-------] suggestions from your suggestions as to ways & means of developing your system -- I think you will then see us in a different light -- I want to get out to see you & your new quarters but it really seems impossible So I drop you these disjointed remarks instead. ## I have organized anew the Old Standardizing Com. with Jenks As Chairman & want to arrange an a/c with you for use of a section of your laboratory & such work as we may want done -- We will agree as to what the shops should pay for & what the Light Co"




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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