[D8732ABY], Letter from Edward Hibberd Johnson to Edison United Manufacturing Co, Bergmann & Co, December 14th, 1887



[enclosure to D8732ABX?] "I take pleasure in announcing that the Standardizing Bureau, on of the most valuable adjuncts of a growing industry involving constant development, has been revived. ## Its members include Mr. Edison and Mr. Batchelor of the laboratory, such of the leading officers of this company as by their experience are familiar with the practical workings of the system, and one representative of each of the licensed shops. ## The detail of the work has been committed to Mr. W. J. Jenks, who has been appointed Director of the Bureau, and will act as my representative in receiving statements of any cases of dissatisfaction regarding operation of Edison apparatus, or the results of any faulty methods of construction employed by contractors or others having to do with the Edison system, with the object of investigating and correcting causes of difficulty. ## The work thus proposed will necessarily be one of time. As a first step, I desire that Mr. Jenks procure from the records of your various departments, such material as he may consider useful in promoting the objects of the Bureau. You are also requested to forward to him all information as to imperfections of apparatus or methods either in the form of statements of agents, or letters of criticism or complaint (or copies thereof) which may come to your notice from any source. ## It is also desirable that each of the shops appoint some practical delegate whose duty it shall be to attend the meetings of the Bureau whenever called upon to end that each manufacturing branch may be represented at every session. ## Please address all communications on this subject to W. J. Jenks, Director of the Standardizing Bureau, Room 53, 16 Broad Street."








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[D8732ABY], Letter from Edward Hibberd Johnson to Edison United Manufacturing Co, Bergmann & Co, December 14th, 1887

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