[D8737ABA], Letter from Samuel Insull to Thomas Alva Edison, June 23rd, 1887


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[D8737ABA], Letter from Samuel Insull to Thomas Alva Edison, June 23rd, 1887

Editor's Notes

"Mr. Kruesi has tried the experiment with compound, about which some discussion tool place at Mr. Johnson's. I refer to the pouring of boxes a layer at a time, with a view to avoiding air bubbles. You will remember that Mr. Kruesi took the position that if such a coarse was pursued, the box would be filled perfectly solid and that there would be no seams owing to the pouring of a portion of the boxes and then letting that cool. He finds that the various layers chemically and mechanically unite and form a perfectly solid mass. We send you by express, several pieces of compound made up in six different layers, each layer being allowed to become perfectly cool before another layer was placed on top of it. Please break these pieces, examine them carefully and see if you can detect any trace of laryers in them. Mr. Kruesi says that if this was done in the open air in frosty weather, the result would not be so good. The warm air within the box would naturally condense during the process of cooling and settle on the surface of the first layer, and when the second layer came to be poured in, the union of the two would, of course, be imperfect, but inasmuch as in any event it is disastrous to us to lay in frosty weather, this hardly forms a factor in the case. Please let us have your views on this subject. ## The Ore Milling magnet will go forward to you to-day and we also send you specimen of the square wire after it has been taken off the armature on which we coiled it, as I wrote you yesterday."




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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