[D8742AAI], Letter from Samuel Flood Page to Thomas Alva Edison, May 10th, 1887


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[D8742AAI], Letter from Samuel Flood Page to Thomas Alva Edison, May 10th, 1887

Editor's Notes

"In continuation of my letter of 7th April I am glad to say test(?) having today heard from the Milan Company I am now in a position to write you definitely on the questions of the Jumbo Dynamos in New York and of the British patents which you have taken out since the formation of the Keison Company, about which we have had such a lengthened correspondence. ## I thank you for your last cablegram which you confirmed in your letter of 7th ultimo which reached us and was acknowledged on the 18th ultimo and in which you inform us that our dynamos at New York are the same mechanically and electrically as the Dynamos in Milan. We have been able to effect a sale to the Milan Company of two of the Jumbo dynamos. ## Referring to your letter of 9th November 1888 in which you state that 'Lord Anson thoroughly understands my [----] in relation to this matter, we are glad to have been able to carry out your wishes, and Lord Anson is delighted to have been the means of getting two of our dynamos in use at Milan. ## This leaves us two dynamos in your hands in New York with which to deal in connection with the assignment to this Company of the British Patents which you have taken out since the formation of the Edison Company in England. ## The Directors are perfectly willing to accept your proposal that they should pay you in Dynamos for the expence which you have been put to in connection with the above patents which you state in your account amount to $11,213 which we take as being equivalent to 2312:8:6 pounds, but from this sum certain deductions have to be made, for the following [-------] have to do with Electrical railways or gas engines with which as you know this Company has nothing whatever to do. I find from an analysis of your account together with that of Mr. Handford that on the patents viz: Nos. 1019, 1022, 1862, 3894 and 3961 there has been paid a sum of 301:15:0 pounds so that the nett sum with which we have to deal is 2010:13:6 pounds. ## We have sold altogether 3 of the Jumbo Dynamos, but as that which we sold for Holland was some time ago we do not take the price we got for that dynamo as a criterion of the price at the present time. We have sold the two dynamos to the Milan Company for 1800 pounds. We purpose therefore asking you to take over our two dynamos which will be left after you have shipped two to the Milan Company at the same price viz: 1800 pounds and then we should propose sending you a cheque for 210:13:6 pounds, asking the total payment on our part equivalent to 2010:13:6 pounds. ## You are aware that some of the patents are not regarded by the directors as of any value to us in this country, but on the other hand we fully realise that you wish to deal with them as a whole and therefore we no longer ask you to allow us to take a part but we agree on the above terms to take the whole of the British patents that you have teken out since the formation of the Edison Company excepting those which I have enumerated above and which have nothing to do with electric lighting. ## I need hardly remind you that we lose a very considerable sum on these dynamos as they still stand on their books as inherited from the Edison Company at 8008 pounds for the four; so that we dispose of them to the Milan Company and you for 3800 pounds or a loss to us of 3408 pounds. ## The Director are quite willing to agree to deal with new matter for patents in England in the manner which you proposed in your letter of 9th November: I have already explained to you that the delay which has taken place in arriving at this settlement has not been through any fault or dilatoriness on your part."




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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