[D8749AAP], Letter from Lemuel Wright Serrell to Thomas Alva Edison, November 29th, 1887


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[D8749AAP], Letter from Lemuel Wright Serrell to Thomas Alva Edison, November 29th, 1887

Editor's Notes

"You will remember that in July 1885, the Patent Office declared an intereference between your application No. 140, filed June 2. 1877 for patent on Septuplex Telegraphs, and an application filed by Edward N. Dickerson Jr. of New York City. The time for filing preliminary statements has been extended by stipulations from time to time since the declaration of interference, until now, the Patent Office refuses to grant us further time than Dec. 3, 1887. ## The subject matter involved is:-- 1st The combination is a septuplex telegraph of two circuit preserving keys, a reversing key, three batteries, and circuit connections to bring into action more or less battery power and to reverse the polarity. 2nd The combination in a septuplex telegraph of apparatus for transmitting one signal by changes in tension of the current, a second signal by change of polarity and a third signal by additional changes in tension, and receiving relays that respond respectively to two different strengths of current and to changes of polarity. 3rd The combination in a septuplex telegraph of two circuit preserving keys, and one reversing key at one station, by which more or less battery power is put to live, or the polarity reversed, with three receiving instruments at the distant station, two of which respond to different strengths of current, and the third to the reversal of poalrity. ## I have examined carefully the records and papers in my office and have been unable to find any note of the invention as set forth in the declaration of interference, of earlier date than May 22. 1877 when you forwarded model to me and a day or two after brought in description. ## I am therefore unable to prepare a statement for you, without calling on you for further particulars. ## The facts that the Patent Office rules call for are as follows:-- ## 1st Date of conception of the invention, as set forth in declaration of interference. ## 2nd Date of making sketches or drawings. ## 3rd Date of making model ## 4th Date of disclosure to others. ## 5th Date of reduction to practice and extent of its use. ## Will you oblige by letting me have these particulars at once, as the statement must be filed this week." Marginalia by TAE: "Tate-- ## Go & see the patent atty of WU Telegraph & see if he want to do anything in this matter if not tell Serrell to abandon the Case" Marginalia: "Hamilton (?) Please sca[-] this & see me abt it ## JM (?)"




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