[D8752AAG], Letter from Consolidated Railway Telegraph Co to Thomas Alva Edison, April 28th, 1887



"We desire to call your attention by this to the fact of the consolidation of the Phelps Induction Telegraph Company owning and operating the patents upon Railway Telegraphy gratned to Lucius J. Phelps with the Railway Telegraphy and Telephone Company owning and operating the patents upon the same subject, granted to Wm. Wiley Smith, Thomas A. Edison and Ezra T. Gilliland. ## The new company is called the Consolidated Railway Telegraph Company, it general officers are at 13 Park Raw, New York City, with the following list of officers: ## Charles A. Cheever, . . . President. ## Charles E. Crowell, . . . Vice-President. ## Henry D. Hall, . . . Secretary and Treasurer. ## Lucius J. Phelps, . . . Superintendent and Electrician, ## Thomas A. Edison, . . . Consulting electrician. ## S. K. Dingle, . . . Assistant Superintendent. ## The names of the Trustees for the first year are as follows: ## Eugene Crowell, Charles H. Haskins, Charles A. Cheever, Henry D. Hall, Thomas A. Edison, Cornelius Van Brunt, Lucius J. Phelps, Wm. M. Safford [unindexed], Ezra T. Gilliland, Wm. H. Stevenson, Charles E. Crowell, Felix Gottschalk, John C. Tomlinson. ## The new company now possesses all of the patents covering telegraphing by induction to and from moving trains and also contracts with the principal inventors covering future improvements. ## Negotiations are pending between the new Company and several prominent Trunk Lines, and it is now prepared to open negotiations with railroad companies in the United States and the Canadas for the application of its improved combined system of Railway Telegraphy upon very favorable terms. ## The new "Duplex" feature fo the system is especially deserving of careful investigations and attention as by its means one wire may be used for telegraphing simultaneously between stations and between moving trains and stations, and thus aleviating in many instances the use of any other Telegraph line. ## We will be most happy to furnish full information, descriptions, etc. in regard to our improved system of Railway Telegraphy, and would also be pleased to have you call at our offices whenever in the City where every opportunity will be offered for a personal inspection of the system in practical use."








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[D8752AAG], Letter from Consolidated Railway Telegraph Co to Thomas Alva Edison, April 28th, 1887

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University