[D8805ACK], Letter from John B Powell (New York) to Thomas Alva Edison, April 21st, 1888


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[D8805ACK], Letter from John B Powell (New York) to Thomas Alva Edison, April 21st, 1888

Editor's Notes

"Yesterday, the party with whom I have been dealing in the Wellsback Gas Light Co., came to see me and we had a long talk concerning the burner which they expect we are soon to bring out, and from his conversation, I do not think the question of patents will have any effect upon this matter. They evidently feel that they have a great thing, and I think their plan is to go slow and gobble up everything in the way of incandescent gas burners, and wait until they get the whole thing in their hands before doing much, as their stockholders are all monied men, and they can afford to wait. ### I could plainly see that they are very much afraid of your burner, as they fully understand that I will push the matter for all it is worth, and I feel confident if we had a fairly good burner that we could dispose of our right, title and interest in the invention as it may appear, without reference to patents or any guarantees whatever. ### I hope you will give this matter your personal attention as soon as you consistently can, with the other large interests which I know you have on hand.### They do no want us to go into the field and organize a Co., or say anything in the papers about our burner. I am more satisified than ever that they are making improvements, and that they intend to keep to work until they get theirs perfected; I understand that they have just brought over from Europe, two of the best chemists they could get. It is also very evident from my friend's conversationg with me, that they do not think you can bring out a perfect mantle, but they are satisfied that you can bring out something fairly good, and that you are just as liable to perfect it as they would be, and they don't want us as competitors, and this is the main reason why they would be willing to pay a pretty good price to get us out of the way and to take whatever we might have, whether perfect or imperfect. ### I wrote my friend in London, to send me whatever he could get in the way of circulars, etc., on the Wellsbach Light Co., and I herewith enclose you what was sent to me by him. ### The other matter is progressing as rapidly as possible." TAE marginalia: "Write to say I will keep at it"]





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