[D8805ACO], Letter from George Edward Gouraud to Thomas Alva Edison, April 27th, 1888


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[D8805ACO], Letter from George Edward Gouraud to Thomas Alva Edison, April 27th, 1888

Editor's Notes

"AGERON'S ROLLING PHONOGRAPH ### Some time ago I sent you a translation of a long letter from M. Ageron Gap, Pyrenees, France; Professor of the College of Gap, with plans of his roller Phonogram. This is the result of some correspondence with him, in which I have assured him that if his suggestions contain anything of sufficient value for you to adopt-and if you adopt them-he will be suitably recognized, and compensated. I have not expressed to him any opinion upon his suggestions, but promised to give him your views, which please communicate to me when you have considered his suggestions. His plans do not seem to be very mature, and contain in substance what I suggested to you some time ago in connection with the Organ music roller. [TAE marginalia: "Nothing in it"] ### NEW MATERIAL ### This has just been brought to my notice, of which you will shortly receive samples. Said to be entirely unaffected by variations in temperature, as unbreakable as India-rubber, may be rolled to any thinness, and can be produced as to take the hair off one's head. Is not patented, manufacturer intends to keep it secret. Please examine it, and communicate with me if it interests you.[TAE marginalia: "We have a great variety already."] ### SGHANSCHIEFF BATTERY & LAMPS ### This appears to be something new, and has been well taken up by the public; Capital over subscribed. Please let me know if it interests you. [TAE marginalia: "Express me several cells for test…." Then canceled marg: "No value to us…"] ### "LANTERN SLIDE LAMP ### I am told by some of the leading photograph people that there is a great demand for a good lamp and battery that will give light enough for lecture purposes for from one hour, to an hour and a half. Can you produce anything for this purpose? If so send prices, and I can get you a large contrcat-at least 100,000- from one of the most enterprising photographic firms in the country. [Marginalia: "Edison Swan Co. have right could not do anything] ### WHEEL CARBONS FOR ARC LIGHT ### Has this form of making carbons ever occurred to you.?. :-two whells or discs of any convenient size revolving opposite each other, and so arranged upon shafts suitably communicated with cog wheels as that their centers would approach each other proportinately as their circumferences were consumed. This may be an exploded idea, and may either hit or miss. Let me know if it hits!."[TAE marginalia: "Old idea no good [unclear]"]




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