[D8805AFD], Letter from J C Pundsack to Thomas Alva Edison, July 29th, 1888


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[D8805AFD], Letter from J C Pundsack to Thomas Alva Edison, July 29th, 1888

Editor's Notes

[from de Tenarif, Canary Is.] "I think that the coming century is to call you the Liberator of our Singing Birds. Thanks to your new Phonograph there will be in future no excuse for keeping singing birds in cages for the amusement of those who is not to listen to their beautiful song. On the contrary, they will remain free in the woods, who your agents will replace to wait till my own [unclear] in loudest songs which will be at me [unclear] phonographs [unclear] cylinders containing the songs of all different [unclear] singing birds will be on sale. They will be collected in apparatus [unclear] of the old [unclear] canary cages, no canary song will be [unclear] feed the feathered systems, but only little electricity. So I make my instrument with the voice of my proximate bird, [unclear] number of her family can have + hear his or her own dear birdie. No cat can henceforth deprive us of our darlings, killing them in the cage. ### At [unclear] in the National History lesson, the [unclear] will hear one after another the songs of the different species of bird family. ### Our 'birds will be able to accompany us in our journeys is will hear us whereever we are is whenever we want to be consoled to come [unclear] be come fortied by their lovely strains. Of course [unclear] good signing cyliners 'will [unclear] but as a copy is easily taken me can make presents of cylinders to our friends at a little I should imagine that we shall [unclear] of the bird, will be produced by the Phonograph with greater facility + exactness than the softer human voice. ### I congratulate you, Mr. Edison to the benefit to have bestowed on the coming generations of birds. I think it very appropriate to send you my compliments just fron the Canary Islands in the name of millions of canary birds, which will sing a joyful song in honour of their Liberator Benefactor." I am, Sir, your mos able servant, JC Pundsack





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