[D8805AFG], Letter from M L Deering to Lewis Miller, August 1st, 1888


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[D8805AFG], Letter from M L Deering to Lewis Miller, August 1st, 1888

Editor's Notes

"I have devised a machine and have a complete set of drawings of same for recording and reproducing sounds of the human voice. ### Instead of using a cylinder for recording the sound waves on like Mr. Edison does. I use a flat disc the advantages and object you, Mr. Edison can readily see as I have no doubt but he has on is experimenting in the same direction. ### My invention embraces the following mechanical movements: 1st The disc is driven in a very ingenious and simple manner. It has a positive variation of speed [unclear] depending upon the distance the stylus point is from the center of the disc, for examples, suppose we start with own-stylus 4 in. from centre of disc and suppose at this point the disc in traveling 25 in. per minute as the stylus separate toward the center the disc is continued gaining in velocity [unclear] maintaining its 25 in. per minute at the point contact with the sylus. ### We are assuming that the measure of motive power is to be reasonably regulator. 2nd The machine is posiitive in all its movements and it will repeatedly traverse the same spiral as often as you desire with as much accuracy as it is possible to be done on a cylinder instrument. 3rd Machine may be stopped and any part of the message repeated. ### Will you kindly send this letter to Mr. Edison hoping he has a place for the invention and fuse. I will be pleased to hear from him thro you or direct. If he desires to build one I will show him drawings of machine that will accomplish the above results as will meet you any day to suit your convenience and further explain the inventions to you." Very Resply, ML Deering






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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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