[D8805AFK], Letter from George Parsons Lathrop to Alfred Ord Tate, August 3rd, 1888


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[D8805AFK], Letter from George Parsons Lathrop to Alfred Ord Tate, August 3rd, 1888

Editor's Notes

"Thanks for your note of July 23d. I am very well now; have gained wonderfully in the last three weeks & feel almost as good as new. ### In my last, I wrote so fully about my understanding with Edison concerning the American Co, that I don't think I can throw any further light upon it. But it seems to me important that the subject should be brought to his attention promptly, so that if he has in my mind any method of adjustment to obviate my 'getting left' it away be known & I may have an understanding of it. I suppose the carrying and of the amusement project to be frustrated, but have thought it not very likely, that Mr. Edison, if returning an interest if returning an interest in the new phonograph company, had arranged or would arrange to transfer to me some small shore in that as compensation. ### If you prefer, I can write to him directly. But I thought it would some time to state the circumstances clearly (as in my last letter to you) so that you could place down before him at a glance &, in a few minutes' conversation, ascertain his views. I shall be glad if you can do this. ### It is uncertain when I shall be in New York again. ### Clemens (Mark Twain) responded very favorably to my suggestion about the book, but seemed to think it important to have it put in autobiographical form. If Edison has insuperable objections to this, & Clemens makes it a sine qua non it is probably that, favorable arrangements could be made in some other quarter. Will you ask Edison in a general way what he thinks of the idea of the book? ### Meanwhile Thorndike Rice is in a hurry to have the first of the articles about Edison 'Memoirs of an Invention' of which I spoke to Edison. They are to be in the interview form, signed by me, but submitted to Edsion's scrutiny & revision to this plan Solson has given me his consent. It would be desirable to shape these articles with reference to use, later, in the book. Hence I would like to have you get Edison's ideas about the contemplated book & learn whether he will approvie it if suitable arrangements be made. ### Rice would like the first article this month, if possible or next month. The subject I should say, might be: How Edison began inventing. It might give a few points of his early career, & then describe the circumstances & nature of some of the first among his inventions. Preparations will be necessary, in beginning a list of his more important inventions, & in reviewing such biographical material as exists concerning boyhood & the earlier years of his manhood. If I cannot come down to do this preliminary work during the present month, in the Laboratory library, would it be possible, & satisfactory to Edison for me to send some one -- say Horace Townsend--to break ground & collect that much material? ### Please let me know as soon as possible, since I must write to Rice in a few days at latest & also wish to be in a position to form definite conclusions & arrangements about the proposed book." Yours very truly, G.P. Lathrop





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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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