[D8805AFY], Letter from William Joseph Hammer to Thomas Alva Edison, August 30th, 1888


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[D8805AFY], Letter from William Joseph Hammer to Thomas Alva Edison, August 30th, 1888

Editor's Notes

"A year ago I received an invitation from the Franklin Institute in Phil. To lecture before them and received the hint that the subject 'Edison + His Inventions' would be very acceptable. I was forced to decline the honor on account of going south for our people. ### I have been urged again this year to respond to their call + have accepted + will deliver a lecture on the above subject in December I feel assured you will have no objection to my selection of this subject as I propose to 'lay myself out' to do both the man + his work justice. You can appreciate that if this is properly handled before such a body as the Franklin Institute it will prove of no little direct + indirect advantage to the various Edison interests will (as the old advertisements often say) fill a long felt [unclear] with the general public I consider myself eminently qualified to undertake this work for the following reasons. 1st my association with Edisons + his work for some nine years past- ### 2nd The intimate relations I hold with all the 'crowned heads' in the Edison business who willl assist my efforts wherever possible. 3rd The fact that I make an autobiography of T.A. Edison for an English Magazie while in English which I consider the best which has appeared thus far. ### 4th I have collected a large mass of literature _ notes on the subject-including the bound volumes of Edison's Patents + (I have 20 elec, Scrapbooks). 5th I have lectured quite a number of times upon 4) Sound Light Electricity + the Edison system of Elec. Lighting before large audiences with great success. 6th I have the nerve + the self possession to address an audience credilatbly on such a subject. ### 7th I have always been loyal to the 'Edison' cause + fought many a hard battle for 'Edison + His Inventions' ### Now in conclusion I only wish to say that in order that this lecture may be as complete as possible I desire the permission of Mr. Edison to borrow certain apparatus, models + which he may have which shall my personal care + supervision, you will remember I had considerable to do with the arranging setting up or supervising of the apparatus which went to Paris Expo Crystal Place Ex, Franklin Ins. Elec. Expo + let me say that in order that my plan of operation may be entirely satisfacotry to you I propose to explain the same to you when I come East + I shall be pleased to received any directions or suggestions you may make be assured of this much the undersigned means to spread himself on this + [unclear] the approval + encouragement of Tho. A. Edison in his efforts. Awaiting your reply personal please I remain very sincerely yours." W.J. Hammer [TAE Marginalia: "Write Hammer that he can have my apparatus he desires and any of my assistants"]




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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