[D8805AHB], Letter from S T Trowbridge to Thomas Alva Edison, October 5th, 1888



[from Napa, Calif.] "I have read in the public papers your pertinent suggestion concerning the destruction of the germs of yellow fever with antacids and consider the suggestion at this time as appropriate and worthy of active experimental inquiry. ### I lived for 14 years in Vera Cruz Mexico and on many occasions wrote my observations on the frequent visitations of the disease there encountered, and in 1883 published a pamphlet (a copy of which please find enclosed herewith--[not found]) at the close of which I stated some facts on the immunity which the crews of steamers ladened with cattle from Texas and Mexico to Havana enjoyed. At that time, as now, quarantine was exceedingly oppression to commence and my writings were aimed to relieve that oppression. I wrote the pamphlet before the germ theory became such a leading factor of faith as it is at present when nearly every malady has its specific bacillus I know you are a busy man to save you time have marked the several parts of the pamphlet that may interest you most. ### Ver Cruz is the principle sea port of Mexico, and in daily communication with other ports and by mail with [unclear] towns. No quarantine interdicts a free commerce and travel. Yet it has so happened that when yellow fever was epidemic in Ver Cruz it did not go from Vera Cruz to any other place; and when yellow fever prevailed at other points on the coast or on the railroad it so happened that it did not in any instance in 14 years that I observed, appears as an epidemic in Vera Cruz. Hence is this the same disease met with in the United Stated? If not then Vera Cruz & Havana never sent it to the U.S. if it be the same disease then its contagiousness becomes exceedingly doubtful, as proven by careful observation in its habitat. I have had a large experience with it at Vera Cruz. ### My apology for intruding upon your valuable time is the interest I see you take in proposing to suppress the diseasse & my present offering is to aid and encourage you." Yours truly, S.T. Trowbridge [Marginalia: "Thank him + say we are collecting information soon to get some idea of how it is propogated."]








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[D8805AHB], Letter from S T Trowbridge to Thomas Alva Edison, October 5th, 1888

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