[D8805AIC], Letter from Martin Van Buren (Engineer) to Thomas Alva Edison, October 22nd, 1888


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"We desire to inform patrons and those interested, that we propose making a specially of OPERATING BY CONTRACT the steam and mechanical departments of OFFICE AND FACTORY BUILDINGS, theatres, public buildings and institutions, and all buildings requiring steam or gas for heating or power purposes. ### We will GUARANTEE to furnish all necessary help, skilled labor, engineers, etc., all fuel and supplies, and make all necessary ordinary repairs to machinery or poperty under our case, and to employ none but well recommended, capable, steady and reliable men, and we will assume either past or entice charge of property as the owner or agent may dictate to the extent of engaging and supervising entire working force, leasing offices, collecting rents, keeping accounts, etc., etc., as any part thereof that may be agreed upon, and will give satisfactory references and bonds, if necessary, guaranteeing proper performance of same. ### An experience of over twenty-five years as a practical engineer, both in the United States and private service, has taught that a great deal of money is constantly being wasted in this direction, and therefore we make the following SPECIAL OFFER: We will contract to operate any office building in the cities of New York as Brooklyn, the expenses of which have previously equaled Ten Thousand dollars for years, at a sum ten per cent less than previous cost of operating same, (providing that machinery, etc., are in ordinary good condition) and assume all the responsibility named in our guarantee. ### Soliciting correspondence on this subject or general business, we are." Respectfullly, Martin Van Buren & Co. [Marginalia is unclear, save for editors]








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[D8805AIC], Letter from Martin Van Buren (Engineer) to Thomas Alva Edison, October 22nd, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


October 22, 1888