[D8805AJY], Letter from Charles J Hubbell to Thomas Alva Edison, December 17th, 1888


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[D8805AJY], Letter from Charles J Hubbell to Thomas Alva Edison, December 17th, 1888

Editor's Notes

"I am impelled to address you this letter by the most urgent necessity [?]; I cannot in its necessarily brief limits emplain all the circumstances that prompt me to do so with the remembrance of your recent refusal to see me for only a few minutes fresh in my mind. I cannot bring myself to believe that you of all others would refuse to hear me did you know but a tithe of my unfortunate situation. And I beg of you to bear fraternity with me which I very briefly explain my position. Let me premise by saying that what I am to communicate has no reference to Mr. Chinnock of him I have no complaint to make I have received my money promptly. Every week and have no fault to find so far as that goes. ### My trouble is something outside of his jurisdiction as he has already informed me he can do nothing outside or beyond the strict juxtaposition of our [unclear] arrangement. I have been in the Employ of this Edison Co. since last July nearly 5 months, and during this period I have labored as hard and continously as I know how. I have succeeded in closing our [unclear] for $2200 which has been paid and one for $300 both in this city and had Mr. Browning of Hughes + Browning. NY state agents shown a particle of interest or fulfilled his several engagements-agreements [unclear] with me I would have secured and established a Central Station in Catskill, which owing entirely + solely to his negligence was awarded to the Thompson Houston Co. Although I had before the advent of this agent Mr. Leavitt secured the approval of 3 of the 5 Councilmen for a franchise. And in addition absolute one knitting factory under instructions I left the field to him with the result stated. I could also have secured the sale of a plant to the Saratoga Gas Co. also in his factory but for his [unclear] and indifference Mr. Chinock and verify these statements. The firm of Austin [unclear] + Co. of the city will furnish me a letter stating they will accept of a proposed for plant in this store for $2,000 just so soon as they have installed a new steam plant their present one being 37 years old, this they are to do at once. This Home for Incurable U.S. Trust Co on Hall St. are also critically promised to me. And others but this will suffice to show you I have not been idle or not without some show of [unclear]. Although having a circumscribed territory and that occupied by skillful and experienced agent of our own and several companies offering (the latter) much lower [unclear]. And now I come to the object of this letter a couple of months ago I engaged and furnished a small flat in this city a step, I now greatly regret having taken for in addition to my having here [unclear] incorrect some [unclear] which have [unclear] incorrect some [unclear] which have [unclear]and bothered me exeedingly. My wife who is slowing-but surely dying of consumption fluids that this climate in winter is increasing her pain and malady (she has been dangerously low several times lately) Moreover, Mr. Chinnock can give me no assurance of my tenure of office for any period of time. I am informed that possibly these is to be a change on or about Jany 1st (a consolidation of all the Edison Cos I believed). And if possible I should like to secure a position in some portion of the South preferably Georgia or Alabama or thereabouts where I have lived and where with my present expression. I am confident I could proceed. ### I have as briefly as possible endeavored to explain my position the small debts I have of [unclear] incurred as [unclear] in the aggregate the amount is not large $50 would cover it and if you would for this time only help me out and advance method from you would increase the debt of gratitude I already owe you and aid in soothing my poor wife before journey. May the influence of this glad Christmas season awaken in your stead generous heart a favorable response." Yours respectfully + gratefully, Chas. J. Hubbell "P.S. When I called upon you at the [unclear] I was accompianed by my little daughter 5 years old who wished to see Mr. Edison and tell him she could [unclear] to seeing in the Phonograph for the speaking dolls. She has [unclear] sung upon several occasions in public in the country she was eternaly disappointed when I told her you could not be seen. I think you would be pleased to [unclear]."




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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