[D8807ACY], Letter from Charles Barnard to Alfred Ord Tate, November 19th, 1888



Some time ago TAE promised to write an article for the Youth's Companion of Boston. The editors in speaking of it to me did not say when it was to be done, but only that he aimed to do so. They readily understand that he is too busy now to do anything of the kind, but they have asked me to see if TAE would be willing to answer a few questions in the presence of a short hand writer and to allow his answers to be printed under his own name. The questions I wish to ask will all refer to the chances and openings there may be in practical electrical science for young men. If TAE would be willing to know the questions I will come prepared to find the questions [----ly] and in such order that they [---] be easily and [-------] answered and with the answers may make a helpful interview for the Companion readers. # I write now to ask if TAE would be willing to submit to such an interview. If [---] not take me on [---], probably half of that time at it seem to the Editors of the Companion that such an interview would save TAE all further hassle in case prying men came to him for advice. He could refer them to the article or interview as covering all the ground on the subject. # I can come to the lab at any time day or night and will bring my reporter with me and put TAE to the [----possible] trouble. However, if he has no time for such an interview I do not wish to intrude the matter to [----] in his time. If he can do so it will be a very great favor both to the Editors and Publishers of the Companion and yours. # PS - I would like to add that the article I wrote concerning TAE's boyhood, for which you so kindly forwarded the material a few weeks since is soon to be published and the Editors are of the opinion that TAE will be pleased with it as sketch of his early life and his early work.









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[D8807ACY], Letter from Charles Barnard to Alfred Ord Tate, November 19th, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University