[D8814ABK], Letter from Alex Craig, Jr. to Thomas Alva Edison, March 28th, 1888



you may perhaps remember me as having worked in your lab in Menlo Park some years ago. I have been working a special study of Electric Lighting since then and may say that I have a perfectly thorough knowledge of the practical part of it. I put up a number of new plants for the Thomson-Houston people and was until lately in the employ of the Excelsior Co in Brooklyn. I left them on account of ill health. I have been taking a vacation and now wish to get back to work. I should like very much to be again in your employ either in one of your labs or for the lighting co. I have never been discharged from a place since I left you and can refer you as to my ability to several well known men in the lighting business. I may say also that I am not in the least afraid of work of any kind and am a fair machinist. I have built both dynamos and lamps myself and am well grounded on their practical construction and operation. If you can give or get me a situation I can promise attentiveness and a fair amount of skill. I am offered a place in Chicago but object very much to going so far away. I am married and my habits are good. If you can give me a favorable reply you will be conferring a great kindness. I am satisfied to take any position that will enable me to earn enough to live on. [New name mention: Excelsior Co]








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[D8814ABK], Letter from Alex Craig, Jr. to Thomas Alva Edison, March 28th, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University