[D8814ABL], Letter from W S Chesley to Thomas Alva Edison, March 30th, 1888



I want to explain my situation to you and ask for a little assistance. I want to get a position with some mfg (manufacturing?) co or in connection with some lab where I could have access to instruments etc for experiment as I have some new ideas I wish to work out if possible -- at present I have no place or opportunity of that kind and have not as yet succeeded in finding employment with such a co. I have already written Tate and received a very courteous reply to the effect that there was no vacancy at present but I did not explain my wishes to him, merely applying for a place. I am not asking much of you and it would be considerable to me if you could grant it. I want assistance, not financial, but a position of some kind in connection with electrical work. I am not particular about salary, you can pay me what I am worth. I have been with the Western Union Co since 1880 and was formerly manager of the Galveston Texas office doing a business of 12,000 per month, previous to that time I was chief operator at Little Rock AK. I merely mention this to show you what I have done but my taste is in the direction of electrical work but I have not the means or opportunity to gratify it. If you have ever been in a similar condition you can appreciate the position I am in and know how valuable a little assistance would be at this time. I am very steady and in every way reliable and have left the service of the Western Union of my own accord to whom you can refer if you so desire. Age 28. If you can do anything for me, I would be under many obligations to you and would be pleased to come to Orange and have a talk with you or your representative if I can further the plan by doing so. TAE marg: "Tate: Tell him I am absolutely full and have more men than I can work."










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[D8814ABL], Letter from W S Chesley to Thomas Alva Edison, March 30th, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


March 30, 1888