[D8814ACS], Letter from Thomas Corwin Mendenhall to Thomas Alva Edison, May 31st, 1888



I write you in behalf of one of our young men -- Mr. John Peddle who will graduate in our course in Mechanical Engineering in a few weeks. Peddle has taken a course in Electricity in addition to that of Mechanical Engineering. You may know that our courses are very practical in their character and that we give our young men a thorough training in Machine Shop practice -- Machine Design -- Draughting, etc. Peddle [-------] having good discipline in mathematics -- theoretical mathematics, etc. is able to do a good piece of work at the lathe -- planer(?) or any ordinary machine tool. He is unusually good in draughting and knows how to design a machine and make complete working drawings. In electricity he is up in the ordinary measurements and practices and is very neat and accurrate in all of his work. He is an industrious and ambitious young man -- not afraid of work of any kind and I am sure you would find him useful in many ways. He is very desirous of securing a place in your lab and does not overestimate his own value. He would be willing to begin at a compensation only sufficient to enable him to live -- and expect an increase only when he deserves it. I think the training we give our young men [----] them for real work and I would be very glad if you could give Peddle a trial. Mr Lawai(?) writes me that he is having a royal good time with you although he will be obliged to leave soon. # Don't forget the promise you made last November to send me one of your first new phonographs. # Please present my kindest regards to Mrs. Edison.









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[D8814ACS], Letter from Thomas Corwin Mendenhall to Thomas Alva Edison, May 31st, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


May 31, 1888