[D8814ADB], Letter from E J Beire to Thomas Alva Edison, July 19th, 1888



About two months ago I made an application in writing, to take charge of the Wood working Department of your Phonograph factory. In your letter dated May 16th I was requested to apply again in about 2 months when you thought you would be near ready to talk business. I make the same proposition I made then. Give me a trial and if I fail in my representations, it shall be your option to disengage me without any further notice. Should everything reside to our mutual satisfaction, which I am confident of, the question of compensation shall be an open(?) consideration, and will be left entirely with you. I am thoroughly familiar with the Cabinet business in all its branches. Have had under my [--------] large bodies of men, and can handle them [------------]. I also thoroughly understand Wood working machinery, and can employ them advantageously. My name has been before you a number of times. You have also seen a Model of small Steam boat built entirely by me, giving evidence of my ability as a Mechanic. From efforts made on my behalf, it is quite plain that I am desirous of securing the position which I am free to admit. Having nobody to intercede for me, compells me to dwell on my merits more than I ordinarily would. Should references be required, I can furnish the only best from people which I have worked for which is my own business. I was Senior partner of the firm of Bine Bros, in Co Plant(?) makers in Newark. At present have charge of a large factory in G [Str--ld] my proposition [----] with of any approval, one can appoint a time and further consider the subject. Hoping to get a favorable reply. TAE marg: "Write to say we have decided to get our wood work out west as we cannot comple etc here."










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[D8814ADB], Letter from E J Beire to Thomas Alva Edison, July 19th, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University