[D8814ADO], Letter from Paul D Dyer to Thomas Alva Edison, August 29th, 1888



[written from Denver] Can I make arrangements to represent your phonograph interests in this territory? I have no capital but if I got ahold of a business that required it I would go in with Stearus Roger & Co large machinery and plant contractors of this city and the business would be pushed for all it is worth. Electric light business for nothing but a small commission does not pay expenses here, but I am rustling all the same, and have from one of the four plants in course of construction all the time. I am anxious to hear from you in connection with your ore reduction process. Other people are in the field with processes for treating refractory ores cheaply by electricity. They are advertising and making a big talk but have not secured capital yet. I have talked about your cheap process for reducing ores electrically in all the mining camps I have visited and have many people waiting for it impatiently and get letters of inquiry often. You want to act in the field as soon as possible or look for vigorous competition. I am advertised and known personally pretty well throughout the state and think I can handle any branch of the Electrical industry with credit to myself and my employers. I would not have written again after promises I have received but I must do something more than my present business at once or stop eating. I do not want to see anyone here representing you while I am here for I know you can find no one who will take as hearty interest in your business as myself or who will work harder to make it a success. TAE m arg: "Explain to Dyer that I have sold out and have no C------ and say the next thing of C------ ore milling p-------"









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[D8814ADO], Letter from Paul D Dyer to Thomas Alva Edison, August 29th, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


August 29, 1888