[D8816ABD], Letter from Nellie Marion Edison (Mrs W.A. Poyer) to Thomas Alva Edison, November 27th, 1888


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[D8816ABD], Letter from Nellie Marion Edison (Mrs W.A. Poyer) to Thomas Alva Edison, November 27th, 1888

Editor's Notes

New name mention: Homer Page. Your favor Aug 28th received upon my arrival from Michigan five or six weeks ago. In reply would say-: been impossible to place our Mortgages with any [---] Company to advantage. There was one here. They were a branch office. We were anxious to make a loan of them, but they only took mortgages on the assessed valuation of property. They would advance $8,000 on the farm. With a mortgage of twenty thousand on it at the time, it would not do. This company left town and we have nothing of the kind here now. The two stores can take care of themselves. The rents make them a stand off. It's the farm we are fighting for. A hundred acres in the city limit worth $100,000 and mortgaged for $20,000. Land around us being layed out in city lots and [---] improvements put on them selling at the rate of $2,000 an acre, $500 a lot. My husband tried hard to sell one or both of his stores (right in the heart of Main St) to Homer Page, who has the money. But no he would rather keep his money in a tin box. The stores mentioned above my husband bought and payed cash for them fifteen years ago. $21,000. They rent now for eight and nine hundred respectively. He has offered them inducement to Homer, as you know it would be of great assistance to him in this time of almost financial dissolution. It again [---] any painful duty to ask of you a little help; as poverty stares us in the face if an effort is not made to save this valuable property from going for a song, would it be possible for you to loan us a thousand dollars or less at a low rate of interest on good security. I thought [---] might look small to you, but it would save us from immediate bankruptcy and might be the [---] to regain one [---]. Remember I would not want you to loan it unless I felt you were amply secured. My husband has tried to borrow from men her seem to have reserve capital and this moment they seem to think you know of an opportunity to make a few dollars on their capital. In a city it is different. One has friends of wealth who will assist them, [---] and you [---] their aid you would [---] have in a place like this on [---]. And now my dear uncle hoping to hear from you soon if only a simple yes or no. It will not be a disappointment for I'm used to that. It will only be a relief for I've made the effort--do what you can.




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