[D8828ABO1], Letter from James Ricalton to Alfred Ord Tate, May 12th, 1888


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[D8828ABO1], Letter from James Ricalton to Alfred Ord Tate, May 12th, 1888

Editor's Notes

[written from Ceylon] "I mail today another sample of Giant Bamboo. It consists of a naumber of sections to show the qualitites in different parts of the tree. Previous samples were from the lower joints. There are from the 27,34 and 50th joints from the ground. Unles all of my many tests have been erronious the "Giant" has altogehter extraordinary qualities; scarcely [unclear] in the tree. The shell becoming very thing but sustainign its flinty horsehull to the top of the tree. I have made ten carbonizons tests--all of which have shown the Giant Bamboo to stand far above the "regular" as well as the [unclear] which Mr. E. recommended me to take with me. ### I send in this packet a sample of a young Giant bamboo only 2 years old which stood the test with the "Regular" ### I said before that the present supply is limited, the "Giant" bamboo being a native of northern Burmah. A very good authority says that two thousand trees well matured can be got and these [unclear] would yield from 30 to 50 million of fibres according to the number of joints and the number of fibres [unclear] from the circumference available. I have sent you a sample to the 50th joint so you can easily estimate the product of 2000 trees, averaging 2 in in diameter. ### In six years an unlimited numbre of well developed trees can be grown in case northern Burmah does not afford the quality or quantity. ### I find the bamboo must be very quickly dried by artificial heat. The sun heat--in a moist climate--only seems to promote the development of fungus, making the fibre appear dark, when it should retain its bright waxy appearance. ### I await most anxiously the verdict on the "Giant Bamboo." I am trying everything but so far nothing approaches the Giant." Yours truly, James Ricalton





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