[D8828ABV], Letter from Westinghouse Electric Co, George Westinghouse, Jr. to Thomas Alva Edison, June 7th, 1888


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[D8828ABV], Letter from Westinghouse Electric Co, George Westinghouse, Jr. to Thomas Alva Edison, June 7th, 1888

Editor's Notes

"Information has recently come to my knowledge which prompts me to write you this letter relative to a recent conversation which Dr. Otto A. Moses reports to have had with you. ### Dr. Moses came to Pittsburgh some weeks ago with reference to a scheme for the consolidation of all electric light companies in some form of a trust. I refused to have anything to do with it, and told him that I saw no reason at all for our combining with a lot of people who had nothing to give, and that I would only consider, under any circumstances, some sort of arrangement with the Edison Company whereby harmonious relations would be established, and incidently in the conversation, I believe I said to the Doctor that I thought it would be a profitable thing for both the Edison Company and the Westinghouse Electric Co. if we were to lease the Edison Company. I gave Dr. Moses no authoirization to act for myself or this company in any particuarly, but I have since learned that he has called upon you discuss business matters, and I believe the only justification for his doing is the remark which I made to him in connection with my refusal to join the trust. I have today written the Doctor to hereafter confine himself exclusively to that class of business for which he was employed, namely, special investigation of technical and patent matters. Further, about the time the Doctor called upon you there appeared in the Pittsburgh papers, and I believe the same was telegraphed from Pittsburgh by the Associated Press, a statement which was wholly unwarranged by anything we know of relative to an amalgamation or consolidation of the Edison Company and ourselves. The source of this statement is an entire mystery to everyone connected with The Westinghouse Electric Co., and believing it to be an injustic to you as well as to ourselves, we wrote to the editor of the paper that first published the report as per enclosed. ### I believe that there has been a systematic attempt on the part of some people to do a great deal of mischief and creat as great a difference as possible between the Edison Company and The Westinghouse Electric Co., when there ought to be an entirely different condition of affiars. ### I have a lively recollection of the pains that you took to show me through your works at Menlo Park when I was in pursuit of a plant for my house, and before you were ready for business, and also of my meeting you once afterwards at Bergmen's factory; and it would be a pleasure to me if you should find it convenient to make a visit herein Pittsburgh when I will be glad to reciprocate the attention shown me by you." Truly yours, Geo. Westinghouse Jr.





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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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