[D8828ACQ], Letter from Charles F Hanington to Thomas Alva Edison, June 8th, 1888


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[D8828ACQ], Letter from Charles F Hanington to Thomas Alva Edison, June 8th, 1888

Editor's Notes

"I write to advise you of my arrival here-and as the mail leaves here today and then there is no possible communication with the world for a month, I am fored to write or I should have waited a few days in hopes of being able to tell you what success I am likely to have here. ### On the 10th I start to a range of foot hills about 20 miles from here and the nearest place I hear of Cane in quantities. I will then cross the river to another range of mountains and am mailing arrangements to have samples sent here to me from all the surrounding country. In coming up the River whenever we stoped I arranged it to have samples ready for me on my way down, for ever since I left "Asuncion" Paraguay I have seen what difficulties there would be in delay, cost, and transportation to and down the river--anything paying duty would have to paid to the Brazilian Gov't at "Curumba" the goods reshiped duty and reshipment again at Buenos Aires or Montevidio are as I know of no direct line to N.Y. there would be shipment at Rio-or England. Then there is no Telegraphic communication after leaving Asuncion, paraguay 1,388 miles from here, and a cable recived at Buenos Aires and sent over the wire to Asuncion is so frequently billed, that business men there don't act upon it until they receive the original by mail so I am in hopes that I will get samples going down that will equal those from here. ### I shall try to get through here so as to leave by the next boat, one month from today. If not I will have to stay til Aug 8th. From here I go to Pokeyney, then to Curumba, and so on down, hope to be in Buenos Aires early in Aug. ### I wish you would have some one loook up an article on Cane in Province of Minas and St. Pauloa (Brazil) published in "American Science" Oct 21st 1887. It was translated and published in the Montevido "Patria" Jan 22nd 1888. Please advise me if there is anything in it. There is a R.R. between the cities of Rio & St. Paulo. ### When I arrive at Buenos Aires I shall be nearly if not quite out of money. R.B. Hale & Co are the correspondents of Drexel Morgan & Co in Buenos Aires. Please arrange it so that on my arrival there I will have money enough to return by way of England or to carry out any other orders you may give me. ### Before leaving here and at other places down the river I will make the best terms possible for procuring and shipment of anything that may answer your purpose, and bring or send on samples with cost &c. ### How about Mac. Was his trip successful. ### I have ahd only one letter March 7th from my wife since I left. Now, as I know, she writes almost weekly and I took all possible precaution to have letters forwarded. You can se the difficulties of what a business correspondence with this place would be." Respectfully C.F. Hanington [Marginalia: "Tate-arrange with DM & Co Buenos Ayres for $600 for Hanington"]




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