[D8828ADJ], Letter from Frank McGowan to Alfred Ord Tate, November 22nd, 1888


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[D8828ADJ], Letter from Frank McGowan to Alfred Ord Tate, November 22nd, 1888

Editor's Notes

"I desire to appraise you of some samples of gramina that will be forwarded to you by Genl Jose Rafael Ricort, who will write you in Spanish at the time of shipment. These samples are fraom a place called Gradura, or it may be what they will be sent from Hooda on the Magdelina River. I am going over there soon and am now only waiting for the promised letter from Mr. E. regulating my future movements. I have received but one letter from you, that of July 2nd and am therefore in the dark as to how the 83 pieces panned out. You will know by my last to Mr. E of Nov 10th how much it costs to shop 50 tons from here. I consider the expense as something fearful and must try to find a place where it can be reduced to the lowest possible minimum and that is why I will take my boom for the Magdelena River. ### Have just learned that there are no letters for me by last mail. I don't know what to make of this neglect but of course I can stand it as long as the folks up North can. Had I known that I was to be 4 mos. Without any word been sent me I would have been out of this valley long ago. I could even have gone and opened two of the mines in the mountains and thus seen that I had. ### Don't forget to send me a revolver, Smith & Wesson 30 calibre and a Winchester rifle with plenty of cartridges. There are plenty of tigers and bears in the mountains I'm going to next and I mean to have a pretty long expedition of it. You might also send me a rubber coat for riding purposes and a rubber cap. I am also sadly in want of some undershirts and drawers. The articles I get here are no good besides being expensive. If you can send me some do so like a good fellow and I won't forget it. Have the drawers measure 29 inches from crutch to foot of legs. I don't want these made of linen. If you fall across any sox send me a doz pair 9 1/2. ### My horse has turned out to be one of the finest pacers in S.A. The different boys whom I had engaged to feed him were robbing me right and left and starving the poor animal and I thinking that he was well fed attributed his disinclination to pace along merrily to sheer laziness. I took the nag under my own special care and fed him myself and now you ought to see him get up and go. I currycomb him and brush him every day and give him a bath and he is as fat as a little pig. He goes so fast htat I can't stand the pace and have to pull him up. The horse appreciates my kindness and when I go into a field after him and call out his name he comes walking up to me and smells around my pockets as he knows I generally bring him something good. ### The roads down here are in an awful bad condition owing to the heavy rains as this is now the wet season. Life down here is an imprisonment. They are the worst people I have ever fallen across and if I get out of the infernal country alive I'll be thankful but right here is what the Old Man wants. ### Say, Blondy, you might send a fellow down a good square feed once in a while. The living here is something atrocious. ### Now don't forget to write me once in a while. If it is only 2 lines it will be appreciated just to say that I am to do so and so. If not let the Old Man tell me to go on my own hook as heretofore and I'll not trouble any of you but scoure the whole country through. ### With love and wishing you and all the boys a Merry Xmas and Happy New Your I am [unclear]" F. McGowan





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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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