[D8829AAK], Letter from Charles Gobrecht Darrach, Wilson Bros & Co to Walker and Kepler, November 23rd, 1888


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[D8829AAK], Letter from Charles Gobrecht Darrach, Wilson Bros & Co to Walker and Kepler, November 23rd, 1888

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"COPY OF LETTER FROM WILSON BROS. & Co. ENGINEERS AND ARCHITECTS FOR THE DREXEL OFFICE BUILDING, CHESTNUT AND 5TH STS. PHILADELPHIA. ### Philadelphia, Nov. 23rd. 1888 ### Yours of even date at hand. We are very much surprised to learn that any person or persons should have intimated that you were not fulfilling your contract for the lectric lighting of the Drexel Building; and it gives us a great deal of pleasure to say, that notwithstanding the fact that the specifications accompanying your contract were of extreme severity, and aimed at a perfection hitherto unattained in automatic electric lighting, you have not only done all in you power to live up to these specifications, but have absolutely accomplished the result. ### I have just returned from the Engineer's room, after having made the following experiment.:- ### One 50-horse power engine and 500 light dynamo in operation; 300 lights burning. Without notice to the Engineer, who is about 100 feet distant, and in a separate room, I threw on 116 additional lights, with one switch then threw them off, subsequently threw almost the entire load off, then thew them all back again; then sent word to the Engineer to start up another engine and dynamo. The load equalized immediately between the two dynamos; and the operation of throwing off and on the lights was again performed. Sent word to the Engineer to stope one engine and dynamo. The first engine immediately took the load, and the various changes of condition had no sensible effect upon the lamps and the pressure indicator at no time varied three points, immediately going back. We have no hesitancy whatever, in saying that, so far as our experience has gone, the work comes entirely up to the letter and to the spirit of the specifications; and we have yet to find anything that would tend to make us regret any part of the work. If any persons are interested, and you would like to show them these experiments, we will be pleased to give them the facilities, any afternoon after 4 o'clock." Respectfully yours, Wilson Bros. & Co. Chas. G. Darrach "The engines in use in connection with the electrical plant in this building are two 9 1-2" x 12" Armington & Sims Engines, a third one of the same make is to be added which will be a 14" x 13" and will drive two 500 light Edison dynamos. ### The regulation of these engines is as near perfection as it is possible to get any piece of machinery to govern automatically."






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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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