[D8830ABZ], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Edison Electric Light Co, September 12th, 1888


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[D8830ABZ], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Edison Electric Light Co, September 12th, 1888

Editor's Notes

another version of verion of D8818ATB same date which has the patent list; this version has TAE marginalia] "You have a large number of small detail patents which have never been litigated. They relate to details of manufacture &c. I desire to obtain the privilege of engaging our enemies upon the ground of these minor patents, a list of which I append. I wish to conduct these cases in my own name and in my own peculiar way, without interference from the Company, its Agents or Attorneys, and to accomplish this, should you consider favorable my request, it would be necessary for you to assign these patents to myself, so that the title may stand in my name on the books of the Patent Office. I will execute my contract to reassign them at any time the Company may direct. I will personally bear the whole expense in connection with these litigations and trust for reimbursement to the damages or back pay which I amy be able to collect in successful cases. ### I do not wish in any way to interfere in the suits the Company itself is conducting, but desire to take up a branch of litigation, which will in al probability never be reached by yourselves and which can be used with telling effect upon our opponents. ### It is possible that some of the patents embodied in the attached list are already in litigation. If this is so, or if it is proposed to lititgate any of the, wuch numbers may be eliminated." [unsigned] TAE marginalia: "See Upton and have him furnish list Steringer got additional lot and ask if he will see Light Co and talk matters over. E"




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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