[D8830ACV], Minutes, Edison Electric Light Co, December 13th, 1888


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[D8830ACV], Minutes, Edison Electric Light Co, December 13th, 1888

Editor's Notes

"A special meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Edison Electric Light Company was held pursuant to call at the offices of Mess. Drexel, Morgan & Co., on Thursday, Dec. 13th 1888, at 10:30 A.M. ### present, Mess. Johnson, Coster, Smithers and Smith, and the Secretary and Comptroller. ### The Secretary read the Minutes of the meeting of the 6th inst., which were on motion approved. ### The following memorandum of business was then presented:-- ### Memorandum for Executive Committee, Dec. 13th 1888. ### A. Consider recommendation of Patent Litigation Committee in relation to our Patent Counsel. ### B. South American Business. A representative of John Moore & Co. of Rio de Janeiro, our former Brazilian Agents, wants to have us send an agent to brazil for three months to co-operate with his house in securing orders, under certain conditions. Consider the question of assuming the expense of sending a competent Agent. ### C. Montreal. A syndicate is about to construct a plant to deliver the power of the Rapids (four miles about Montreal) into this City, where it will be sold at a price much less than the cost of steam power. In view of this propsective advantage our agents are confident that they can raise capital enough in Montreal to put up a 10,000 light station if we will subscribe $25,000 cash, payable only upon condition that they raise $500,000 cash in all. They want our subscription for its moral support, but assure us that they will be able to place it for us, subsequently, in Montreal. This we of course question but shall we subscribe for the $25,000? ### D. Chicago Co. Consider claim of F. S. Gorton for commission on increase of Capital from $500,000 to $750,000. See Comptroller's Report. ### F.S. Hastings, Secretary. ### The President called attention to a resolution adopted by the Patent Litigation Committee at their meeting on the 11th inst., recommending the termination of the existing arrangement with Mr. John C. Tomlinson and the substituion of other Counsel in our Patent Litigation. The President stated that inasmuch as Mr. Tomlinson had been absent for several months past, his immediate dismissal would not cause serious inconvenience. ### The following resolution, offered by Mr. Coster and seconded by Mr. Smith was thereupon unanimously adopted: ### Whereas Mr. John C. Tomlinson was employed as Patent Attorney by this Company, at the request of Mr. Edison, and by authority of the Board of Directors at their meeting of Nov. 13th 1884 as evidenced by the following extract from the minutes of that meeting, viz.: ### "John C. Tomlinson. The President stated that in view of pending litigation, it had become necessary to employ counsel for the preparation of Patent Cases, and that it was of great importance that one should be selected who could devote his entire itme and attention to the matter in personal conjunction with Mr. Edison. Mr. Edison stated that Mr. Tomlinson had been working continually for him during the past year, and that from his knowledge of and experience with this gentleman he was confident that he was the proper person for the Company to employ in this capacity. Considerable discussion ensued in regard to Mr. Tomlinson's abilty and fitness for this purpose, and several statement were made by several members of the Board who had come in personal contact with Mr. Tomlinson very strongly recommending him for this position. ### "Mr. Edison thereupon offered the following preamble and resolution, which were unanimously adopted: ### "Whereas this Company deems it expedient to institute at once suits against infringers of its patents, and, ### "Whereas there are various interferences now pending in the Patent Office, therefore be it ### "Resolved that the President be and hereby is directed in the name, and on behalf of the Company to employ Mr. John C, Tomlinson as its attorney to take charge of and conduct, as he may be instructed by this Company from time to time, all patent suits brought by and against this Company in the Courts or Patent Office, at the rate of $5,000 per annum, in full compensation of all services rendered, and that there may be associated with Mr. Tomlinson as leading advisory counsel, such Lawyer or Lawyers of eminence as this Company may select, the said Tomlinson to devote all necessary time and attention to the business and the Company to have the option of terminating this arrangement at any time by giving the said Tomlinson three months notice in writing." ### Whereas, the Patent Litigation Committee of this Company has recommended the dismissal of Mr. Tomlinson, now therefore be it ### Resolved, that this recommendation of the Patent Litigation Committee be adopted and that notice be given to Mr. Tomlinson, terminating all existing arrangements with him at once; and be it further ### Resolved, that this Committee request the Patent Litigation Committee to recommend someon to take Mr. Tomlinson's place. ### Montreal Co. After a general discussion of the subject it was, on motion of Mr. Coster, seconded by Mr. Smithers, ### Resolved, that if the proposed Monthreal Co. will pay us 5% in caseh, and 25% stock, we will agree to subscribe the 5% cash for stock at par. ### South American Business. It was resolved as the sense of the Committee that while we would not object to pay the expense of sending an agent to south America we will not assume any risk in accepting orders, and the Secretary was instructed to negotiate further with a view to devise some satisfactory means for securing the collection of invoices. ### Chicago Co. The President read a report of the Comptroller, giving extracts from our correspondence &c., showing that the concessions made to the Chicago Company to their icrease of $250,000 stock, were made upon condition that Mr. Gorton would waive all commission on the $250,000 increase. On motion of Mr. Coster, duly seconded, it was ### Resolved, that in view of the conditions upon which we reduced our percentage on the said increase of $250,000., Mr. Gorton's claim for commission is a matter between him and the Chicago Co. ### The Secreatry reported the payments of $500. to Judge Lowell, $1000. to the Bate Co., and $15,000. to the parties whose place we take on the Supreme Court Callendar, from Special Fund No. 2. ### On motion of Mr. Coster, duly seconded, the action of the Secretary was confirmed. ### The meeting was then adjourned." Attest: [unsigned]




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