[D8831AAG], Letter from Francis Robbins Upton to Edward Hibberd Johnson, Edison Electric Light Co, January 20th, 1888


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[D8831AAG], Letter from Francis Robbins Upton to Edward Hibberd Johnson, Edison Electric Light Co, January 20th, 1888

Editor's Notes

"Regarding the meeting of the association of The Edison Illuminating Companies, there is one side that keeps rising in my mind, and that is, that the Edison Companies have organized an association, which may one day prove to be the strongest element of opposition to the Edison parent Company; for, if the patent suits are in any way effected by bad decisions, the Illuminating Companies will take the mastership of the situation, and through it, refuse to pay a share of the profits to the Edison Company. ### I think, that the next meeting should be held at an interval of a year, at least; and that the influence of the Electric Light Company should be made more individual, with each one, so that the Illuminating Co's look to it for information, and help, rather than to each other. ### Another feature, which you are personally, more interested in that I am, is this; I think that it is an exceedingly dangerous thing for Bergmann & Co., to have the Illuminating Companies come together, for they may, at any time be offered by some outside parties to manufacture a large portion of their supplies, and so, make a break in that respect. ### You have, probably, noticed the increasing spirit of opposition to the Edison Electric Lt. Co., and to the shop development, at each of these meetings; and I think, that the Presidents of other companies, who have licensees, should do all in their power to prevent any such meetings, from the knowledge of the fact, that by so doing, they are organizing a force, which may one day be an arganization entierly hostile to them. ### I know, and am willing to admit, that there are some benefits to be derived from such meetings, but I have felt, and to-day feel very strongly, that it is a dangerous precedent on the part of the Edison Electric Light Company." Yours truly Dic.




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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