[D8831ACN], Report from William Dennis Marks to Edison Electric Light Co of Philadelphia, December 1888


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[D8831ACN], Report from William Dennis Marks to Edison Electric Light Co of Philadelphia, December 1888

Editor's Notes

"I beg to report as follows:-- ### The building is completed save painting and glazing. ### The Boiliers are erected and will be tested within the next fortnight. The steam piping is all here and going in as fast as thorough workmanship will permit. One Engine has been delivered complete and four beds are in position. Armington & Sims promise another complete Engine before Jan. 1st and two in January, making the whole of our first order of four Engines. ### One of the large 1000 ampere dynamos has been tested giving a commercial efficiency of 92 1/2 %, which is the greatest ever yet obtained. ### I subjoin the last letter received in reply to a letter strongly urging completion upon the Edison Machine Works. ### Schenectady, N.Y. Dec. 11, 1888. ### The Edison Electric Light Company, ### Prof. W.D. Marks, Sup. Engineer, ### #909 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa. ### Dear Sir:-- ### With relation to the Dynamos, we think you must have misunderstood me. I stated that I had no doubt but what we could have two Dynamos (not three) - the one testing and one more - in Philadelphia by the New Year, and that thereafter we could get them out at the rate of one a week. ### With relation to your other work, I am more or less guilty of neglect, but will use my best endeavors to make better progress hereafter. ### Yours Very Truly, ### (Signed) John Kreusi, ### Ass't Gen'l Manager. ### This letter related to Dynamos, Omnibus Wiring and Equalizers, all of which came from the Edison Machine Works. ### Since the last report of Mr. Bryant showing 10233 Lamps required to be provided for we have had an incrase of orders for light until there are now awaiting Gen'l Wagner's issuance of permits some 26 services. Amongst the notable increases are the Pepper Bldg. 672 and the Union League's increase of 550 Lamps above the 375 first asked for. ### Motors have not been taken into account but will make large demands upon us. ### It was the original intention of this Company to start with a capacity of 8000 Lamps, but our orders so increased that it was deemed wiser to prepare for 16000 lights believing these would provide for double the lights actually on the books at the start as all the known precedents show a very rapid increase the moment the current is known to be on in the Streets. The necessity has now arisen for additional machinery andn I request your approval of an order for 1000 H.P. of Boilers, two 500 H.P. Engines and four 1000 dynamos and one additional Blast Fan. This will provide for 24000 lights in all. ### The original estimate of cost of works with a starting capacity of 8000 Lamps was, $523,000. ### For 1600 Lamps the additional cost for machiner was, 13,600. ### We will require Boilers nad fittings 1000 H.P. 18,000. ### 2 Engines 500 H.P. 8,000. ### 4 Dynamos 100 Amp. 12,800. ### Steam Piping and Appurtenances 2,000. ### $54,400. ### This additional machinery will give a maximum lighting capacity of 24000 Lamps or something less than twice the load we will start under, about 12,500 Lights. ### We need this to provide for the contingencies with engines, boilers and dynamos such as always arise with new machinery and may disable one or two Engines and to give lee way enough to meet the very sudden increase that always follows the starting of the works. This machinery can all be gotten in during the ensuing Spring and Summer. ## I was very much pleased to learn that although the hours are shorter in Summer that the number of lamps required is quite as great as owing to the greater coolness and comfort of the incadescent lamp, and hope much from the motor business which promises to be very large. ### It isn ot your Engineer's idea to start this machinery at the outset, but to be putting it in during the Spring and Summer and so to avoid the pinch which with its attendant worry and haste will surely come late in the Summer. Your Engineer does not wish to be construed as making a complaint, for after all, this Station will have gained a whole year on similar Stations in New York, but the annoyance which has arisen from delays in machinery, the discouragement from promises which it seemed impossible to get kept, have at times seemed almost overwhelming. ### The wretched paving done by the Penn Co. during the past Summer has given Director Wagner an excuse for the wanton and insolent use of arbitrary power in stopping our work and disorganizing our working forces which he has used to the uttermost notwithstanding the Bill of Dec. 10th signed by the Mayor. ### The loss caused by keeping idle gangs of skilled tubemen on half pay, for weeks; bills for special cables for Chestnut St. and services, etc., will not fall short of $7500., all of which will ultimate be chargeable to Electrical Conductors. ### I ought, perhaps, to advise you that the right to make further extensions under the Penn Co.'s Charter expires by limitation Feb. 26, 1889. Your Engineer desire to express his satisfaction with the work on the Station Bldg. save the roof, done by Thomas H. Doan and his associate contractors. ### Now with regard to starting; if the promises made by the various contractors are accurately kept there is no reason why the Station should not have current on by Feb. next. Your Engineer desires particularly to think the Board of Directors for their thoughtful courtesy in this matter and to assure them that he is doing all that man can do to carry forward the work to final completion, I am" Very Respectfully and Truly Yours, Wm. D. Marks
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