[D8832AAH], Letter from Bergmann & Co, Sigmund Bergmann to Thomas Alva Edison, September 26th, 1888


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[D8832AAH], Letter from Bergmann & Co, Sigmund Bergmann to Thomas Alva Edison, September 26th, 1888

Editor's Notes

"I have yours of the 25th, concerning the question of Mr. Insull's representing the Manufacturing Interests when Mr. McClement makes an examination of our books, and am a bit surprised at hearing from this matter again, as I told Mr. Insull pretty distinctly that we are perfectly competent to protect Bergmann & Co's interests (including yours) without his assistance. As you well know, you and I are not of the same mind regarding Mr. Insull's abilities, and my opinion, I wish to state also, is not grounded by any means on his persistent attempts to antagonize, if not this concern, at least myself. ### Of course, if you have any fear that your own interests in this concern will not be as well looked after as those of other sotckholders, and make the request on the ground tha tMr. Insull is to look after your personal interests, I can interpose no objections, but as far as the matter of accountancy is concerned, our books are in perfect shape and ready for inspection, and the showing we shall make, and which our bookkeepers will not have the slightest trouble in making clear, is as follows, going back to the time from the incorporation of this Company to the time of the taking of the last inventory on July 2st, 1888: [list of slaes, dividents paid, surplus and total profit for two period] ### The entire period of fifty-two months from March 1st, 1884, to Jly 1st, 1888, as can be easily calculated from the above, Sales were $2,017,017.83; Profits, $459,365.42, or 22 77/100% on Sales. ### I feel that if the other concerns can make the same showing compared with original investment, that you will be perfectly content, and on the showing we make I feel justified in presuming to continue running the business according to my own ideas, and also, I cannot help believing, in requesting you not to press the matter of Mr. Insull's interference in our affairs. ### I take this opportunity, for the subject is a kindred one, of asking you if the efforts, which are still being continued by the Machine Works, to take orders for making goods which it has always been understood and agreed are to be made by us, are with your knowledge and approval. I ask this, as I have no intention of permitting this business to go backward, and if we are in this way to be deprived of some of our present work, I must, of course, try to enlarge our own field. ### I hope that you will, on careful consideration, view this matter as I do, and I sincerely trust that the firendly relations which have existd between us for the past eighteen years may not be disturbed by this first refusal that my judgment has ever made it necessary to make to any request of yours." Very sincerely yours, S. Bergmann




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