[D8835AAT], Letter from Samuel Insull to Thomas Alva Edison, January 31st, 1888



"I have your favor of January 30th, with relation to the expense incurred at your laboratory for our account. ### The idea set forth in your letter is perfectly corrent, namely, that the shops should provide capital for their own work, and the method of payment should be by weekly remittances. I cannot see, however, why it is not possible to render an actual bill each week. You did this for years in all your laboratory work. Your whole xperiments on electric lighting were dealth with in this manner, namely, a bill was sent to the Light Company each week for the actual work done and a check given in settlement of same. The amount you state as now being spent for our account simpley appalls me. It is so very much higher than the amount you spoke of when I was at the Laboratory Friday last. Do you realize that paying $350 per week amounts to a regular fixed charge against us of $18,200 a year? Is there not some mistake in the estimating? Or can it be possible that you anticipate spending this amount each year for our account? If so it simple means that our experimental accounts are going to be very, very much higher in the future than they have been during the last 6 years. I understood from you on Friday that the total amount of your expenses for us, on account of the new Dynamo and new Insulation, would not exceed $2500 for the former, and $5000 for the latter. I increased this liberally and suggested that we would assume that the cost would be about $10,000. ### I wish you would look more closely into this matter, and let me hear from you again." Very sincerely yours, Saml Insull [Marginalia: "Ans Feb 2/88"]








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[D8835AAT], Letter from Samuel Insull to Thomas Alva Edison, January 31st, 1888

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University