[D8835AEO], Report from Bradstreet Co, Edison Machine Works, October 1st, 1888


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[D8835AEO], Report from Bradstreet Co, Edison Machine Works, October 1st, 1888

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[machine works snapshot] [machine works fire] "Mr Insull, the Treasurer and general Manager states,-- [account of finances follows] ### "About January last we borrowed of Mr. Edison $94,000 to complete additions to buildings & c., but have since reduced the debt to about $50,000. A statement of our condition to-day would show a large decrease in liabilities. Have paid no dividents isnce Janyar 1886, having added all profits to assets and business. Did a business last year of one and three quarter million dollars, and made a fair manufacturers profit. Are now running 650 men, and are advertising for more. Have contracts on hand amounting to over $200,000." ### They are doing a large and increasing business, and their statement is not discredited. The business is said carefully and capable managed, and payments said satisfactorily met. The Co., is believed to be making money right along; their plant is a very large and valuable one, and they are quoted in high credit. ### June 3, 1888. ### The foundry of the company was burned out a few days since; loss estimated at about $25,000 which is said about covered by insurance. They will rebuild it at once and it is not thought the fire will affect them in any way. ### August 3, 1888."








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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University